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    17 Ways You're Just Like Lord Voldemort

    Please don't hex me.

    17. Your pet means the absolute world to you.

    16. You don't back down to authority figures, even if they technically should have some level of power over you.

    15. Things tend to come to you naturally, and you are quite talented at multiple things.

    14. You have a very distinctive laugh.

    13. Ain't nobody messin' with your clique.

    12. You know how to make an entrance.

    11. You say what you mean, and tend to call things like you see them.

    10. You don't handle competition very well.

    9. You have a nickname.

    8. You have strong feelings about your alma mater.

    7. You're a great mentor.

    6. You are a good student who legitimately tries to understand the subject material.

    5. You've been through a lot, but it has only made you that much stronger.

    4. You have that one friend who you can't quite figure out...

    ...and one that would literally have your back no matter what.

    3. You are a prominent member of your community.

    2. And you work hard to achieve your goals.

    1. So, at the end of the day, everyone gives you the respect you deserve.