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49 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching "The Leftovers"

What did I just watch?

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1. Yay, it's Sunday night! Time to surrender any happiness I've felt during the day so I can bum myself out by watching The Leftovers!

2. I wonder where all those people vanished to.

3. What does GR stand for again?

4. I have literally never heard Laurie speak. I wonder what her voice sounds like.

5. How does Patti manage to be so scary even when she's not saying anything?

6. I bet the GR people talk to themselves when they're alone.

7. Maybe they sing really quietly in the shower so the water drowns their voices out.

8. Wow, Justin Theroux is hot.

9. Even these opening credits are making me anxious.

10. The art is kinda cool though.

11. Oh, right, this is a Damon Lindelof show. That explains a lot.

12. Seriously, where did all those people go?

13. Jill's entire wardrobe looks straight out of a Gap catalog.

14. She really needs to lighten up and be nicer to her dad.

15. Wait, what the hell are these high schoolers doing? I definitely didn't do stuff like that when I was a teenager.

16. How do they think choking and trapping each other is fun?

17. Kevin has probably said "fuck you" to every single character on this show.


18. Damn, Justin Theroux looks good in a cop uniform. #aviators

19. This piano music is so pretty.

20. Shut UP, Liv Tyler. Stop trying to be such a ~rebel~.

21. I wonder how her fiancée is doing. Poor dude.

22. Laurie is the worst mom ever.

23. Ahhh the dog guy, not the dog guy! Is he even real?


25. Haha, those twins are funny. More from them, please.

26. That reverend is definitely up to no good.

27. What the actual fuck are the GR up to?

28. How are their white clothes always so pristine? Do they never spill stuff?

29. Maybe they don't eat. That must be it. Chain-smoking is their entire diet.

30. How do they never even cough?

31. I wonder what I would do if someone I knew just straight-up vanished.

32. Where did Aimee's parents go?

33. When are Aimee and Kevin gonna hook up already?


34. Damn, whoever picks out the music for this show has seriously awesome taste.

35. OK but where did all those people disappear to though?

36. Oh, right… Wayne's still a part of this thing.

37. What is it about Asian girls?

38. Tommy's kinda hot.

39. Wayne is deranged if he thinks his $1,000 hugs are that incredible.

40. God, this show is bleak.

41. But I can't stop watching. I literally can't tear my eyes away.

42. How does Kevin drink and drive every night? Worst police chief ever.

43. Nora is seriously messed up.

44. I wonder if Jennifer Aniston is jealous of Nora.

45. I never knew I was scared of deer until now.

46. Is Kevin sleepwalking again or is this a dream?

47. Hold on. That cannot be the end of the episode…

48. But I have so many more questions than I have answers!


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