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    17 Wishes The Make-A-Wish Foundation Has Granted This Year

    From bedroom makeovers to celebrity meet and greets, here's just a sampling of the wishes the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted in 2013.

    1. Spending a day with the Stanley Cup

    Hockey fanatic Logan was given possession of the Cup for a whole day.

    2. Touring a gaming studio

    Ryan got an all-access tour of his favorite gaming studio, KingsIsle Studios. Makers of the game Pirate101 even created a character based off of him, named Ryan the Relentless.

    3. Riding in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

    Oliver got to ride in the magical car from the classic 1968 film.

    4. Becoming a cowboy

    Joe Joe got outfitted in new cowboy gear, participated in rodeo activities, and received a trophy naming him Cowboy of the Year.

    5. Going to Gettysburg

    History buff Trey and his family got VIP treatment at the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee re-enactment.

    6. Meeting the Minnesota Vikings

    Nicholas had an awesome Vikings-themed party and is scheduled to travel to Minnesota this fall to meet his favorite NFL team in person.

    7. Attending a model horse conference

    Horse lover and model horse collector Ariel got to go to BreyerFest, a three-day model horse conference in Lexington, Ky.

    8. Meeting WWE Star John Cena

    During an interview on the Today show, Nick was surprised by wrestler John Cena, and even got to hold his championship belt.

    9. Getting a purple playhouse

    A volunteer work crew built an adorable purple playhouse in three-year-old Jessica's backyard.

    10. Going to the MLB All-Star Game

    Seven kids and their families got the VIP treatment for all the weekend's festivities, watching the game from private suites and meeting several MLB players.

    11. Meeting a real wolverine

    No, he didn't meet Hugh Jackman. Instead, Cason and his family traveled to Alaska, where he came face-to-face with his favorite animal.

    12. Managing the Oakland A's

    Janelle was an honorary manager of the Oakland A's and delivered the team's lineup for a game against the Red Sox. She also got a meet-and-greet with the players and a tour of the stadium.

    13. Learning how video games are made

    Wade visited Robot Entertainment's studios, where he to see how games are made. The studio even created an in-game model of Wade as a character in one of its upcoming games.

    14. Getting a bedroom makeover

    Lacey's bedroom was transformed into a fairy and fantasy-themed wonderland.

    15. Learning to bake

    Alexis rode in a limo to a local bakery, where she learned how to make cookies and other desserts.

    16. Traveling to Disney World

    Sapphire's dream of meeting the Disney princesses came true when she and her family took a trip to Disney World.

    17. Playing basketball with LeBron James

    The Heat invited Thiago to one of their practices, where he played alongside the team, got a ton of free swag, and even had a shooting contest with James.