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    20 Flowery Cocktails To Welcome Spring Back Into Your Life

    If we have to spring forward, it might as well be with a pretty drink in hand.

    1. Berrylicious Floral Cocktail

    Sugar And Charm / Via

    Almost too stunning to sip.

    Recipe here.

    2. Rose Water Cointreau Fizz

    A Pair And A Spare / Via

    Rose water imparts a delicate taste and gorgeous color. 😍

    Recipe here.

    3. Hibiscus Highball

    Mountain Rose Blog / Via

    Who could resist a tall glass of spiked iced tea?

    Recipe here.

    4. Chamomile Honey and Whiskey Cocktail

    A Cozy Kitchen / Via

    Perfect if you're in the mood for a low-maintenance spirit.

    Recipe here.

    5. Lavender Paloma

    Saveur / Via

    Spring gets smoky.

    Recipe here.

    6. Sister Grimm

    Edible Allegheny / Via

    Garnish with cayenne pepper for extra heat. 🔥

    Recipe here.

    7. The Daisy Fay

    Just Make Me Something / Via

    Despite it's name, this cocktail is actually infused with lavender-honey syrup.

    Recipe here.

    8. Honeysuckle Tom Collins

    Root And Vine / Via

    Fun fact: Real honeysuckle berries are poisonous — so leave those out.

    Recipe here.

    9. The Absolut Punch Bag


    Edible flowers add a ~punch~ of color to this unique bev.

    Recipe here.

    10. Cardemom Rose Cocktail

    Design Sponge / Via

    Garnish with rose petals for the perfect floral touch.

    Recipe here.

    11. Blood Orange Bees Knees

    Pro Flowers / Via

    It's the bee's knees. Not sorry. Just make it.

    Recipe here.

    12. Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas

    Pretty Girls Cook / Via

    Use an ice cream machine to get your frozen margs EXTRA chilly.

    Recipe here.

    13. The Sunflower Cocktail

    Mondumulia / Via

    Elderflower gives this drink a perfect floral kick.

    Recipe here.

    14. Raspberry and Scented Geranium Sour


    Art becomes cocktail.

    Recipe here.

    15. Red Clover Moscow Mule

    Deco Tartelette / Via

    Make spring-cleaning a bit more tolerable.

    Recipe here.

    16. The Aviation

    Platings And Pairings / Via

    This is the go-to floral classic for a reason.

    Recipe here.

    17. Cucumber Mint and Honeysuckle Vodka Cocktail

    My Diary Of Us / Via

    Refreshing from start to finish.

    Recipe here.

    18. Sparkling Rhubarb and Flower Cocktail

    Art In The Age / Via

    Elderflower liqueur is the star of this mouthwatering concoction.

    Recipe here.

    19. Jasmine Lychee Cooler

    Paticheri / Via

    Eye-catching and delicious.

    Recipe here.

    20. Edible-Flower Bellini Popsicles

    Honestly Yum / Via

    A boozy brain-freeze is alright with me.

    Recipe here.

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