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Why Visiting Family Is Like Taking A Ride On The Question Coaster

I hear, being your family gives them an unlimited express pass to Noseytown.

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The holidays is a time for family...

It is also a time for questions. Questions with all arrows pointed at you.

One moment you're chilling on the couch, showing off your "wink" game…

The next moment you're in the hot seat.


UH-OH is right!

The first question hits you, "So, are you seeing anyone?"


You can't avoid this question and you know there is no right answer.

If you say yes, you have to answer questions about his/her current job, career, life goals, marriage, kids etc. They will also eventually ask you, "Why he/she didn't come with you?"


You get defensive.

On the other hand, if you say no, for some reason they see you like this.


And feel the immediate need to help you.

The dating advice begins.


Let's not forget them trying to set you up with the neighbor's cousin's uncle's great aunt's son or daughter.

You can't cover your ears fast enough.

Oh but wait, there's more.

"How's work? Did you get that promotion?" They ask.

"Are you saving?"

"Are you working out regularly? Taking multivitamins?"

"You look skinny. Why? Haven't you been eating well? Have they been working you hard?"

At some point you realize ...

Because going home for the holidays is like being a deer caught in the headlights...


You just sit back and let the questions' semi hit you. After all, they're family.

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