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    Top 15 Obscure Cities That You Should Seriously Consider Moving To

    Based off of the city taglines and mottos.

    15. Have an insatiable need for speed? Move to Ormond Beach, Florida.


    Quick history about Ormond Beach, Florida.

    14. Can't afford to buy yourself or anyone else in your life jewelry? Move to Jewell, Iowa.

    13. Does Mother Nature beckon you? Is earthy goodness your chosen way of life? Move to Blue Earth, Minnesota.


    Fast facts about Blue Earth, Minnesota.

    12. If dentist visits are your worst nightmare, move to Hereford, Texas.


    Read about how and why Hereford got its tagline.

    11. Are you one of those annoyingly happy people? Move to Happy, Texas.

    Via Flickr: courthouselover

    Tidbits about Happy.

    10. Desserts, sweetners, and syrups not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth? Move to Hershey, Pennsylvania.


    A little history lesson on Hershey, Pennsylvania.

    9. Always dreamed of being a somebody? Move to Hico, Texas.


    Things to do in Hico, Texas.

    8. If you are constantly losing your socks just move to Fort Payne, Alabama.


    Click for Fort Payne's history.

    7. Hypersexual? Move to Atlantic City.

    6. Want to be everyone's center of the universe? Move to Boswell, Indiana.


    Some facts about Boswell, Indiana.

    5. Do you pepper your life as well as everyone else's with puns? Move to Gravity, Iowa.

    4. Is Mary Jane your best friend? Move to Weed, California.


    Fun facts about Weed, California can be found here.

    3. Afraid of being chosen at the next Hunger Games reaping? Move to Peculiar, Missouri.

    2. Fan of Farts? Move to Gas, Kansas.

    AND THE No. 1 obscure city you should seriously consider moving to is...

    1. Hyder, Alaska. Because you secretly believe that you were born to be a Ghostbuster and wish that Casper was real.


    Some stuff about Hyder, Alaska.

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