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    For The Love Of Lamps.

    Because someone once said...let there be LIGHT.

    This lamp is trying to make the abacus cool again.

    This lamp came in like a wrecking ball.

    This lamp would like you to wear it like a skirt.

    This lamp wants to join you for a round of karaoke.

    This lamp is going to pull out your wisdom tooth.

    This lamp thinks it has a career in radio.

    This lamp is trying to see-saw its way into your life.

    This lamp wants to give you a geometry lesson.


    This lamp is up all night to get lucky with you.

    This lamp thinks it's Medusa.

    This lamp would like you to knock on it.

    This lamp just wants to be a kid forever.

    This lamp is pretending to be a lollipop.

    This lamp has identity issues. It thinks it's an egg but it's really a papier-mâché bowl.

    This lamp is inviting you to high tea with the Queen.

    This lamp is craning love.

    This lamp hopes you shine on you crazy diamond.

    This lamp isn't sure about which path to take in life.


    This lamp is planning on pouring paint on you when you walk by.

    This lamp likes to call itself a serious photographer but it's just a pesky paparazzo.

    This lamp can see into your future.

    This lamp is terrible at hide & seek.

    This lamp is giving off the "oh you fancy huh" vibe.

    This lamp is asking you to just let it be a wallflower.

    This lamp is Doctor Octopus in disguise. Can someone please tell Spiderman?

    This lamp is done being played like a drum.

    This lamp wants to thank you for hanging around till the end of the post.

    And this lamp wishes you a good night!

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