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    7 Basics To Make Your Bedroom Look Like It Jumped Off Of A Pinterest Board

    If you suffer from Pinterest envy when it comes to decor, use these quintessential basics to cure your affliction.

    1. The Bed!

    A low bed in a small-ish room gives the illusion of a larger, airier space. All you need is a box spring (which you can find at walmart), a comfy mattress (Ikea has some decent, comfortable ones for cheap) and if you're into extra cloud-like comfort you can add a memory foam.

    2. The Dresser.


    Use a low dresser to get more wall space. In fact, for a very reasonable price you can get two dressers here and put them together to get a similar look.

    3. The Night Stand.


    Try a milk crate


    Maybe a stack of old magazines/books?


    For the rustic hearted, you have the wooden crates option that can be found at your local grocery store. They'll most likely let you have it for free!


    Even a chair would serve the purpose and look all artsy and stuff.

    4. The desk.


    This desk is simple and beautiful. It's so simple that you could build it yourself (here's how). If you're not a big builder just rope someone into the project.

    Here are some more ideas and styles.

    5. The Lighting.


    A spotlight lamp seems like a Pinterest decor must-have! However they can be expensive. Here's a DIY tutorial to create your own bright spotlight for next to nothing.

    Twinkly lights are also a staple.There are so many styles, colors and sizes. You can find them all here. Be careful though because you might end up binge-buying.

    P.S: I left out mason jars on purpose.

    6. The Storage.


    These DIY storage ideas are perfect for adding texture and character to your space. Check them out here and here.


    All you really need are crates and shipping pallets to get a similar look.

    7. The wall.


    This is a great, cheap/free idea to make your walls look like it belongs in Pinterest heaven.

    Via Flickr: sfgirlbybay

    Effortless wall decor should be your go-to option. It's easy to create, easy to personalize and extremely easy to switch around. You can LITERALLY give your bedroom a different look as frequently as you'd like for a paltry price.

    Check out more pictures for this decor style, here.

    These are just basic starter steps that could have your bedroom looking like this.

    Or this.

    Or even this.

    So, get on it and dream on in your very own Pinterest perfect bedroom!

    If you're crazy about home decor and the aesthetics of it all, feel free to mosey on over to HERE.