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27 Lessons That Everyone Can Learn From "Psych"

The best, funniest, randomest, creativest, & snarkiest show that ever existed.

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1. Grown men can scream like little girls and it's totally OK.

2. Modesty is overrated.

Especially if you are this awesome.

3. Hugs are the best and there's always someone who will appreciate one.

4. Pretending to be a vampire is a lot of fun.

See? I told you!

5. Mocking your friends expressions is also fun.

6. Don't let people cheat you out of your right to pancakes.

7. If you're happy and you know it, it's OK to clap your hands.

Like totally OK.

8. Tacos are important. Basically tacos come first.

9. Making up funny names exercises your brain.

10. Asking questions is important.

11. This is a completely acceptable way to live your adult life.

12. Singing out your retorts makes them #winners.

Try it!

13. Going boneless is an ideal way to counter someone grabbing you.

14. It's important to enunciate.

15. Fist-bumping is better than high-fiving.

16. Dorky dancing with your best friend is THE BEST!

17. Referencing Harry Potter even when you haven't read it ups your cool quo.

18. No matter how old you get, it's always good to appreciate your parents.

19. Enjoy Ramen guilt free.

20. It's OK to love money so much you want to kiss your paycheck.

21. Always carry food for the road.

22. Having swag is essential.

23. Being dangerous in a dangerous way is not OK, but this is.

24. Starting urban legends is dope. As is using the word dope.

25. This is a great pick-up line!

26. This is a great excuse to get really close to your crush.

27. And... Having a steady bromance is absolutely healthy.

So don't be...




Just go grab some popcorn and binge watch a show that can teach you so much!


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