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17 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Should Be President Of The World

How hasn't she become President yet?

1. She is confident in who she is!

We need confidence in out future President. Someone who isn't afraid to be herself.

2. She wants to be an example to the world

3. Instead of wars she'd have dance-offs between countries

She gets everyone to dance!!

Even the first lady

And POTUS! Ain't nobody that can do that (except Ellen of course)

4. She knows how to appeal to children

5. Adolescents

6. and adults!

Basically ALL crowds and sections of society!

7. She even appeals to animals

You know they'd totally vote for her.

8. She knows that children are the future and invests in them

9. She has no skeletons in her closet and is completely open and honest!

10. She is ALL knowing

Everyone wants a President who knows everything!

11. She knows what's good and bad for her people

12. She won't hesitate to state her opinions. Straight up. No hanky-panky

13. She practices what she preaches

14. Feelings of annoyance, stress, pain and anger would melt away cause you'd be laughing all the time!

I mean look at her! How can you not smile?

15. She helped make this beautiful girl's dreams come true

And you know she'd help you achieve your dreams as well!

16. She'd change the way society functions in the best way possible

You go, Ellen D!

17. This would be her political stand and this is how she would run the world

That sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

So, once again, how is she not President of the world yet?


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