16 Ways You Know You Haven’t Lived In Miami Long Enough

Maybe it’s a good thing?

16. This is not what your hurricane plan looks like

15. When this happened you thought you got the pox

but it was just a myriad of mosquito bites.

14. You make plans to meet up with friends and you are two hours late

13. People getting a spray tan before they hit the beach doesn’t make sense to you

12. You aren’t addicted to cafecitos and empanadas yet

You don’t even know what those words mean really.

11. You didn’t plan for this

Or this

when you’re indoors.


10. You haven’t started addressing people as “Bro” yet

9. You walked into the gym and realized you were way underdressed

Didn’t you know that you need to have a full face of make-up on for the gym?

8. You decided to skip out on weekend clubbing and all hell broke lose

7. You don’t have a beach trunk (Emergency beach supplies!)

In case it’s a non-rainy/non-cloudy day and you decide to fake a stomach bug so you can go to the beach after lunch.

6. You haven’t been found at your desk at work like this at least once every week.

5. You didn’t know that this means you had a great night

4. You haven’t mastered the fine art of controlling your sweat


A Miamian.

3. You also haven’t learned how to tame this monstrosity

2. You hear the word “irregardless” everywhere and you’re like

1. And the No.1 way you know you haven’t lived in Miami long enough is when someone texts you “Dale” and you don’t get it.

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