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    13 Things Every International Student Can Relate To

    Because you decided to go to school in a different country.

    1. When you got off the plane...

    ...and complete panic set in. WHAT were you doing in this strange land?

    2. This was you on your first day at school


    3. You figured Skyping home would help you through the transition but then your laptop crashed.

    When you finally got it to work all you wanted to do was jump through the screen and be home already.

    4. But things started to look up. Your advisor pronounced your name right!

    You didn't even have to correct him.

    Then Starbucks spelled your name right on your coffee cup!

    You almost peed your pants from the joy!

    5. Meanwhile you tried to field asinine questions like this:

    And the only reaction you had was...

    ...I mean how? Just how?

    The questions continued.

    And they were downright painful.

    6. You also got this a lot.

    You got it so many times that...


    7. But amidst all this you managed to bust a stereotype. Bazinga!

    You couldn't stop that 1000 watt smile. Mwahahahaha proved them all wrong didn't you?

    8. You also got caught reinforcing a stereotype.

    Oh well it's who you are and where you came from so there.

    9. Finding your favorite food from home at the local grocery store was cause for a party!

    10. This was you trying to make friends:

    Then you remembered you spoke their language. Duh!

    And that got you to this crazy bunch.

    Very crafty.

    11. Remember that time when you asked your parents for money?

    And they said no.

    So you tried to guilt them in to sending you some.

    12. When one of your new friends invited you over for dinner...

    you wanted to do this but...

    ...this is what you mustered up.

    13. However, after the initial hiccups...

    Your friends became family and...

    ...this strange land became home.

    Hooray for making it!