13 Of Television’s Best Original Musical Moments (Comedy Edition)

Be prepared to get seriously earwormed!

13. “My Universe” — Raj Koothrappali & Bernadette

CBS / Via youtube.com

Since this happens to be Raj’s daydream, it’s Indian themed. Featuring some kick ass Bollywood dancing and lyrics that compare love to wild elephants, monsoons and deserts, this musical number from the Big Bang Theory comes in at number 13.

12. “Sandcastles In The Sand” — Robin Scherbatsky

CBS / Via youtube.com

Robin’s comeback from her big musical debut, this love ballad features her heartache after a summer (two-week) romance goes bust. This number from How I Met Your Mother comes in at number 12 because, as Barney Stintson says, “You know, if you re-edit there’s a tampon commercial in here somewhere.” Keep an eye out for celeb appearances.

11. “Christmas Infiltration” — Troy & Abed

NBC / Via youtube.com

Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) do this awesome, bad-ass rap with lyrics like, “Rockin’ warm sweaters, Hangin’ big ass lights…” for Community’s Christmas special. You wouldn’t expect any less from Childish Gambino, making it number 11.

10. “Everything Comes Down to Poo” — Scrubs Cast

Doozer / Via youtube.com

This little ditty had to be featured on the list. It’s catchy, includes Zach Braff and Donald Faison, and it talks about poo! Now every time you need to go, you have a song that goes with it. The Poo Song from Scrubs makes it to number ten.

9. “Dream Of The Nineties” — Jason & Ensemble

IFC / Via youtube.com

Have a couch party in your living room with “Dream Of The Nineties.” This song happens to be the opening scene of the very weird and extremely entertaining show Portlandia and clocks in at number nine.

8. “Spring in Springfield” — Simpsons Cast & Ensemble

Fox / Via youtube.com

Because it’s spring time and almost everyone loves The Simpsons and this song encompasses everything Simpsons and everything Springfield. Who doesn’t like a good ‘toon musical number? Am I right? This catchy number is eighth on the list.

7. “You Just Got Slapped” — Marshall Eriksen feat. Barney Stinson

CBS / Via youtube.com

You should always sing this number…runs, harmonies, and emotions, et al. Jason Segel’s musical chops and mad lyrics make this quite an entertaining piece. It’s hard to keep yourself from going, “Oooh oh” with Barney. This short song from HIMYM makes it all the way to number seven while bringing laughter and applause!

6. “Smelly Cat” — Phoebe & Friends

NBC / Via youtube.com

One of Phoebe’s best songs on Friends (let’s not forget “Sticky Shoes” and “Crazy Underwear”), “Smelly Cat” made us feel for cats everywhere. It managed to crawl into our hearts and minds, and on to this list at number six.

5. “Baby Boomer Santa” — Troy & Abed

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/55700843.
NBC / Via vimeo.com

We all know Troy and Abed are extremely musically gifted. However, of all the songs and musical ditties they’ve done on Community, including the short “La Biblioteca,” this one takes the cake, making this an easy number five.

4. “Let’s Go To The Mall” — Robin Scherbatsky

CBS / Via youtube.com

Robin Sparkles sparkles in this awesome dance track. Featuring malls, robots, and bedazzled jean jackets, HIMYM’s second best musical performance makes it to number four.

3. “Santa Barbara Skies” — Shawn & Gus

USA / Via youtube.com

I’m partial to Psych. How can you not be? It’s funny, snarky, and it also made a two-hour musical episode that opened with this song. Dulé Hill and James Roday’s Broadway experience is apparent in their singing and dancing, bringing this to number three.

2. “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” — Barney Stinson

CBS / Via youtube.com

You’ve got to love all things NPH! And you’ve got to love this awesome, addictive and beautifully choreographed number. NPH sings, dances, pirouettes, and just exudes awesomeness all the way to number two!

1. “Guy Love” — J.D. & Turk

Doozer / Via youtube.com

It’s “Guy Love” between two guys and those two guys happen to be Zach and Donald of Scrubs fame. They are the creators of the best bromance that TV ever saw, making it a shoo-in for the TOP spot!

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