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    13 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands For A Cruelty-Free Closet

    One small step for humans, one giant leap for animal kind.

    1. Alabama Chanin

    2. Bourgeois Boheme

    3. Delikate Rayne

    4. Della

    5. Doctor Couture

    6. Kuyichi

    7. Matt & Nat

    8. Moo Shoes

    9. Nicora Johns

    10. Noah

    11. Olsen Haus

    12. Three Leaves

    13. Vaute Couture

    Some mainstream brands that also include animal-friendly lines from time-to-time include:

    1. American Apparel

    2. H&M

    3. Helly Hansen

    4. Mango

    5. Topshop

    6. Free People

    The extensive list can be found here.

    For more earth friendly and animal loving stuff follow the eco brick road to here.