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    10 Things That Must Happen For You To Be Knighted Into Adulthood

    This is an arbitrary list that must be fulfilled before you can be welcomed into adulthood.

    10. One must learn how to boil water.


    No, but you're on your way to becoming Sir Adult.

    9. One must find a productive hobby that's the opposite of what Bob's doing.


    I think adults these days do gardening or woodworking or some such thing.

    8. One must develop bill paying skills.

    Because, you can't do this as an adult.

    7. One must pick up the subtle art of finding classier ways to fight.

    Yeah, listen to her.

    6. One must learn how to open a bottle of wine the right way.


    This won't work anymore.

    But, this might.

    5. One must have a high-gross threshold.

    Cause of all the disgusting things you will have to clean as an adult.

    4. One must learn how to take care of other living things.

    Start small, like with algae or something.

    3. One must have exemplary grooming skills.


    It doesn't hurt to have better grammar skills. FYI.

    Let's all learn from Sir Cat.

    2. One must learn how to parallel park


    I mean, look at this kid. He's clearly Sir Adult.

    1. Last but not least, one must learn how not to spill on oneself.


    How do people eat and drink without spilling on themselves? Like, is there a special school where they learn how to do that?


    And your expression now looks like this...

    Just forget everything that's been said above and RUNNNNNN!!


    Because it is DEFINITELY not worth it.

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