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10 Reasons Why I Was Born To Be A BuzzFeeder

A wise Twitter account once said (to me), "We're weirdos. We like other weirdos. We like you."

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1. Sugar, spice (with a generous squeeze of sriracha) and everything nice. These are the ingredients that make me.

If there's one thing you will never run out of with me around, it's sriracha. My sriracha lovin' life is cataloged here.

8. I have Pinterest boards with these titles.

When I was a kid, every night I asked my dad to give me bedtime advice instead of a bedtime story.

I took away three things from all that advising:

1. Work is worship

2. Never stop learning

3. Be a good person (I'm an ardent "no haters" supporter)

9. Claim to fame? Glug Glug packaged drinking water.

The client's brief was to come up with a brand name for their new line of packaged drinking water. This was the perfect opportunity to go a little nuts with the idea. Together with my copy editor we came up with the concept and I got the honor of creating the copy. The end result was four different stories, illustrated by four different illustrators, all inspired by the purity of water.

The stories can be read here.

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