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Playground Trends That'll Make You Miss School

Who remembers the days of the old school yard? Before schools were afraid of being sued because a child grazed his knee. Back when we were able to play in the dirt and there was no ‘allocated day; for your class to play football. Back when we had to survive a dangerous game of bulldog or captain your team for ‘that derby’ football match against ‘the other’ year 5 class. We took a trip down memory lane and listed the playground trends of the past up to 2017.

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1848 - Conkers

Kids today will never know the job of tying a bit of wood to a string and hitting said bit of wood against your friend’s bit of wood until the death. I think off stead ruined that one?

1994 - Merlin Premier League Stickers

Bluck, Lauren (brm-mew) / Via

If you completed your premier league football sticker book organically, without stealing from a year 3 kid or buying stickers on ebay then you were the real hero. That took guts, sweat and hard work…I was always 5 or 6 stickers short of a finished book.

1996 - Pokemon Cards

There’s no denying the power that Pokemon cards had during lunch or break time. They were the currency of the playground. Your Dark Charizard shiny will buy you a lot of respect but turf wars were common. Get caught trading in the wrong ICT suite and you might find yourself on the wrong side of a peanutting…

1998 - The Gameboy Colour

How I survived playing a device with no backlight (The Gameboy SP changed my life) is beyond me, but bet you couldn’t beat my level 90 Charizard (no rare candy cheat either).

1999 - Pringles Pop Box

I went through a couple hundred of these. Having been an early adopter of these cases in year 5 - you can imagine the jealously and how many times these ‘went missing’ from the lunch box box! They were a winner.

2000 - BeyBlades

One I never really quite understood. Die hard fans would tell you that ‘Pokemon’ cards were ‘just cards’ and that beyblades are real things that you can launch, and then they hit each other, and they have special powers, like fire and stuff….

2004 - Scoubidous

Picture this. 5 year 9 boys sitting in a friends house drinking coke and making Scoubidous to put on our pencil cases. The cringe factor was unreal but Scoubi strings could create many exciting designs and knots, in your football clubs colours…

Fingerboards (although invented in the 80's

I was never much of a skateboarder (not for lack of trying) but Finger boarding was a lot easier surprisingly. I had a couple of these stashed in my pencil case and never missed an opportunity to practice my finger Ollie over my Bic pens in English.

2005 - "BOGEYS" Dick and Dom


The most infamous part of Dick and Dom in da Bungalow was a pre-recorded game called Bogies. For best results, use in a quiet library. I personally hated this one (but that’s probably because I was the kid trying to read in the library).

2010 - Meme's

Here’s one for the new crop of kids. Fast-forward to being at school to teaching at a school and you can see the influence that memes have. I mean, when every answer to a numerical question from your students is 21! Rage.

2016 - Bottle Flippin'

2017 is a great year to be alive for technology. Apps, filters, Facetime, Uber and amazon prime. We can connect with people in an instant who are halfway across the country. We can access to any product we want in the UK and have it delivered within 24 hours. But what do we do? We take a plastic bottle with the last bit of water and try too land it upright of course. So damn addictive and euphoria is indescribable.

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