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    • madm3

      I’m always amused when you Christ fans post your fear of Judgment Day. What’s that about? You followed the goatherder’s rulebook, didn’t you? Aren’t you going to paradise, to live right next door to Jesus in a homo-free Heaven? I’d think you’d be salivating at the chance. What’s the matter, did you eat some shellfish? Cut your hair? Wear mixed fibers? Got a tattoo? What did you do that makes you so scared of your impending trial?

    • madm3

      I think that’s the weakest of all possible responses. Sending it to the states implies that it’s an optional issue that doesn’t affect everyone in the US equally. Would you have been in favor ofastates rights solution to slavery? It’s cowardly. Either it’s unfair, unamerican and unconstitutional, or it’s not.  Making 50 different sets of laws as to how our citizens can be treated is bizarre in the extreme. Marriage is notalocal issue, and in fact the main reason this is beforeaFederal level court is that the Feds themselves treat couples differently…. federal pensions, etc… so how is kicking it to the states going to sort THAT out? And if even one state has legalized gay marriage, Article IV of the Constitution should apply. This clause provides that each state must recognize the public acts (laws), records, and judicial proceeding of the other states. So married in one state should be married in ALL states, according to the Constitution.

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