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9 Writer Stereotypes: The Real And The Wrong

So you heard that writers are caffeine addicts? Well, you are right...for the most part.

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2. All writers create in the peace and quiet of a local coffee shop, happily typing or writing away.

NBC Wrong. Sometimes I write in my notebook at 3 AM while I'm in bed. Sometimes I'm sitting on a swing in my backyard with my laptop perched. Coffee shops? Who has time?

6. All writers drink in excess.

The CW

Wrong. Admittedly, some of my most heart-wrenching pieces have happened when I'm buzzed. But no, I don't have a problem. That being said, would someone pass me the red wine, please?

7. All writers handle writer's block with grace, waiting patiently for inspiration to strike.


No. No, no, no. I get impatient. I swear that I'm never writing again. I look up funny cat GIFs. Nothing about writer's block is graceful.

8. All writers retaliate in fights by writing about people.


So real. I will pull a Taylor Swift on you if you make me mad enough. I won't hesitate to throw shade. (But then instantly regret it when you find out. See #5.)

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