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Thoughts From The Other Silent Minority

In regards to the week's past shootings..

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Since the media and our fellow Facebook friends think they know everything about what has been going on in the past few days, let us put a few things into perspective with a few percentages:

1. 99.9% of people who sign up to be cops do not join so they have the right to shoot people.

2. 99.9% of cops who are put into life-threatening situations and have a gun drawn onto a suspect do not want to take that person's life.

3. 99.9% of people- black, white, Mexican, purple, fish- are not inherently bad.

4. 100.9% of human beings make mistakes.

Why do I know this? Because I am part of the silent minority. A minority some may say is not an actual minority and think that I am being a defensive white person. However, here is something everyone should know:

Silent minorities do not have to exclusively be determined by race.

Sorry to break your ignorance.

I am not here to say that #BlackLivesMatter. Or even #AllLivesMatter, because we all know some piece of shit people. I know shitty cops, white people; hell, some of my family is shitty.

Anyways, about these white police vs black people shootings-

I want serious research. I want true media. I want every police attack on footage on the news every morning. No matter what the color of the officer's skin or the victims, I want it splattered everywhere.

Oh. Is that a little dramatic? Good. So, maybe now I will have your attention.

I am a minority. I have been silenced because I am a white woman and my father has been in law enforcement for over 35 years. I am not allowed to publicly express my concerns and opinions. If I do, that automatically makes me look racist. It makes me look like I am only defending police officers because my father was one.

Like everyone else that was born in this once beautiful country, I have the freedom of expressing my opinion.

I come from a small, rural town in Arizona. My father was the detective and narcotics agent for my hometown my entire life. In this town, the population is mostly Mexican and Native-American people. This may be hard for some to believe- but us white folk were the minority.

There were days my father would not contact me due to safety concerns. He even gave me an "undercover name" for my own safety. At one point, I could not talk to my father for a week due to a murder investigation.

My father has drawn his gun on many unruly people. Most were drunk, yes. However, there were some that had the intent to hurt him or others. Most were white-trash, meth smoking hillbillies. He had a harder time controlling the white minority than the larger Latino or Native American population.

I know my father is one person. And obviously, not everyone is going to use the same judgment as he does.

What is happening now? Two men were shot and killed by police officers. Five officers were killed by a man. All of these men were loved. They may have been fathers, husbands, sons. But most importantly, they were human beings. Their lives were taken away because of someone else's choice. The choices may have been compulsive or intentional. An officer may have been racist or he might have been scared. Does any of this justify what has happened? That's up to your discretion.

I want to end with some food for thought.

How about we start addressing people by what they are? Instead of describing someone as "that big, ghetto black guy" or "that hillbilly cracker" why don't we say "that tall, young man over there" or "the loud, older woman." By describing people like the way we have been lately, it is dehumanizing. It is not giving them the life they deserve. It makes them animal-like. Let's stop the racism by giving people the human titles they respectfully deserve.

How about we start by shaping our mindsets into thinking that not all police want to kill people and not all people are bad? Let's agree to disagree that sometimes, people make mistakes and they have unfortunate consequences.

How about we come together as Americans and fight against other evils like ISIS? Why are we turning against each other rather than educating ourselves on who our next president might be? Together, we need to step forward in America. We as Americans need to work together on being a country of peace, brotherhood, and equality. Even as civilians, politicians, and those in law enforcement.

I am praying that every family affected by these tragic events can have some sort of peace. No person deserves to die before the good Lord naturally takes us home.

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