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Why It's Okay To Not Celebrate Valentine's Day

Even if you're in a relationship

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It's Overdone

Walk into any store between the end of January and February 14th and you'll find aisles full of candy, stuffed animals, flowers and heart-shaped everything under the rainbow. We get it, okay?

It Costs Too Much Money

You shouldn't be required to buy your SO a diamond necklace, bouquet of roses and their favorite chocolate for a random day of the year. What's wrong with watching a sunset instead of going to an expensive restaurant? Single people aren't the only ones who should be able to save money.

It's Too Cold (For Some of Us)

Wouldn't you rather stay at home and eat a nice meal together while having meaningful conversations? Chances are it's going to be freezing outside and no one wants to be dressed up in that. Save that skirt, honey!

Love Shouldn't be Celebrated One Day a Year

Whether you're single or taken, embrace love all year round! Your friends, family, coworkers and SO appreciate you just as much as you appreciate them. Why save heartfelt messages for Valentine's Day? Show the people close to you love on the most unexpected days.

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