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    These 13 Airports Are Basically Living In The Year 3000

    These airports didn't have to go so hard, but I'm grateful they did.

    For me, going to the airport is like 90% the fun of the trip. Between the prime people-watching and the overpriced food that somehow manages to hit every time, I thrive when I'm in airport mode.

    However, it's no secret that some airports simply understood the assignment more than others. If I were so lucky to have a layover in any of these airports, I truly don't think I would complain about anything ever again.

    1. Changi Airport, Singapore

    2. Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver

    3. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

    4. Helsinki Airport, Finland

    5. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

    6. San Francisco Airport, San Francisco

    7. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

    8. Munich Airport, Germany

    9. Hamad Airport, Qatar

    10. Wellington Airport, New Zealand

    11. Dubai International Airport, Dubai

    12. McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

    13. Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan

    Have you ever visited one of these? Have any other top airport recs? Let us know in the comments below!