10 Photos That Show Just How Much Ukraine Has Changed In The Last Few Days Of Russian Invasion, Airstrikes, And Destruction

    The damage is heartbreaking.

    As the Russian invasion in Ukraine continues, photos show the true extent of the devastation wrought in the country, from missiles destroying apartment buildings to historic properties burning.

    A person walking outside and carrying two bags with a damaged building behind them

    1. Video captures the Chernigov branch of Ukraine's Security Service office burning after Russia invaded the city.

    ⚡️The building of the Security Service of #Ukraine in #Chernigov is on fire.

    Twitter: @Netxa_TV

    This is what the building ordinarily looks like. It houses offices for the Security Service, which is Ukraine's primary law enforcement agency.

    The multi-floored building with the Ukrainian flag flying above

    2. The upper levels of an apartment building in Kyiv were severely damaged after being hit by fragments of a Russian rocket. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine said that two people were killed in the strike, with six others seriously injured.

    Large detonations have been heard in Kyiv, as a 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks, vehicles, and troops close in on the capital.

    Two building stand out on the horizon

    3. This was not a lone event. Some apartment buildings were demolished by airstrikes in the capital. Officials warned civilians who had not evacuated to shelter in place as explosions could be heard through the night.

    Two armed men stand in a clearing with demolished buildings in front of them and rubble on the ground

    Kyiv is Ukraine's most populous city, with over 2.88 million residents. The United Nations refugee agency currently estimates that nearly half a million people have fled Ukraine, with numbers expected to continue to rise.

    4. Satellite footage over the Antonov Airport in Hostomel shows extensive smoke and damage. The Antonov AN-225, the world's largest cargo plane, which was being serviced at the airport, is believed to have been destroyed during the airstrikes.

    The Antonov AN-225, named "Mriya," or "dream" in Ukrainian, has provided aid during times of crisis for nearly 30 years. In 2010, the plane carried relief supplies after the earthquake in Haiti, and more recently, it was used to transport medical supplies during the pandemic.

    5. A historic movie theater in Chernihiv burned after a Russian shelling attack on the town. The town's social media accounts reported that there were no casualties from the attack, which also destroyed a school and several apartment buildings.

    ❗️The occupants destroyed a historic movie theater building in #Chernihiv. The #Russian world cannot do otherwise.

    Twitter: @nexta_tv

    NEXTA, a news agency out of the region, shared a before photo of the theater. Chernihiv lies about 80 miles northeast of Kyiv.

    And this is how the cinema looked like before the arrival of the invaders

    Twitter: @nexta_tv

    6. Smoke billowed over Vasylkiv after airstrikes hit an oil depot located just outside the town. The attack destroyed apartment buildings and stores.

    Vasylkiv is home to a military base that frequently hosts nationwide events like Ukrainian Flag Day.

    7. The Museum of Local History, located in Ivankiv, was burned after the town was shelled by Russian troops. Located inside were over 20 works by Maria Primachenko, a Ukrainian artist, as well as exhibits on Chernobyl and historic Ukrainian homes.

    #Breaking: In Ivankovo, #Kyiv region, the local history museum, where the works of the artist Maria Pryymachenko were kept, was destroyed by shelling. According to the director of the Vyshgorod Historical and Cultural Reserve, more than 20 works by the artist have been lost.

    Twitter: @conflictsinUkr

    While the full extent of the damage is still unclear, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Twitter that all of the works by Primachenko are believed to be destroyed.

    As a result of 🇷🇺 invasion, about 25 works by outstanding 🇺🇦 artist Mariia Pryimachenko were burned. The paintings were stored in Ivankiv Museum, Kyiv region. She created world-famous masterpieces. Her special gift and talent captivated Pablo Picasso. 🖼️“Two-headed chicken, 1977”

    Twitter: @MFA_Ukraine

    8. A school in Kharkiv, located about 30 miles from the Ukraine-Russia border, was destroyed. Russian troops have now surrounded Kharkiv, where officials say shelling attacks have cut off much of the city's power supply and have impeded efforts to get food to those who have not evacuated.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said an attack on the city's main square is a war crime. “Nobody will forgive. Nobody will forget," he said. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine.

    The city's main square with a statue in the middle

    9. The devastation in Kharkiv continued on Tuesday morning, when a Russian missile slammed into an administration building.

    "This is state terrorism on the part of Russia,” president Zelensky said. Officials say at least 10 are dead and 35 injured from the attack, but they are predicting that the toll will rise.

    10. Neighborhoods in the Donetsk region were targeted by a Russian shelling attack.

    While Donetsk is still internationally recognized as part of Ukraine, the region has been engaged in conflict with pro-Russia separatists since 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently recognized Donetsk as an independent nation, a move that many saw as his pretext to invade Ukraine.

    As of Feb. 28, the death toll in Ukraine stands at 102 civilians, but the United Nations fears that number is "considerably higher."