People Are Sharing The Current Trends They Think People Will Be Regretting In 20 Years, And I Actually Agree With A Lot Of These

    "NFTs. I'm convinced that they're the Beanie Babies of the 2020s."

    Over on r/AskReddit, u/stoopididiotface recently asked "What current trend will be the most regrettable 20 years from now?"

    The responses ranged from the silly to more serious, and really got me thinking about what elements of our culture will withstand the test of time, and which are just a passing fad.

    Here are 23 trends and ideas that people think will be truly cringy and utterly regrettable 20 years from now:

    1. "Posting about almost every aspect of your life on social media. I posted some pretty cringe shit as a kid that is still floating around somewhere, and that was before social media became big. I can't imagine what it's going to be like now."

    2. "Climate change denial. Global warming is one of those problems that we won't truly recognize until the damage has already been done. We are reaching that point. In 20 years there will no longer be a façade."

    A protester at a climate change awareness rally in front of BlackRock

    3. "I think people are just starting to regret naming their kids Daenerys and Sansa."

    4. "Nearly all NFTs. Cash grab riding the hype of the 'underlying technology.'"

    5. "Mommy bloggers who post constant pics and details of their children. Robbing children of privacy for likes and money is sickening."

    6. "Barn doors, shiplap, gray wood floors — the entire modern farmhouse aesthetic."

    7. "Too much plastic surgery, fillers, and Botox on young people."

    8. "Vaping at a young age. Studies are already coming out on the dangers of vaping in the short term. I can't imagine what will be shown with long-term studies."

    9. "House/furniture/thrift items being flipped for a profit. The amount of failed flips I see online is ridiculous. Cut corners, trendy designs, and subpar work done by people who sometimes have no previous background. Furniture and clothes from thrift stores or places like FB Marketplace are becoming ridiculously overpriced. It's not sustainable when used or flipped items cost almost as much as new ones."

    10. "Taking away women’s body autonomy. We will all pay for this."

    Supporters of abortion at a rally

    11. "Insistence on using iPads/Chromebooks/etc. for everyday lessons in K-12 education. Although we are saving paper and giving a more convenient way for submission of assignments, it has skyrocketed kids’ level of screentime, and often students find ways to be off-task or download programs to occupy their time. Even among my 'high-achieving' students, information retention has dropped dramatically."

    Students learning by using computers

    12. "The amount of people that drive full-size trucks around is ridiculous. At least 90% of them could live just fine with a little 4-door hatchback. It's sad to think about all of the millions of gallons of fuel that has been wasted by those idiots."

    13. "In the future, all of the trans hate laws that are passing right now are going to be viewed the way people of today view Jim Crow laws."

    A protester at a rally holds a sign saying, 'Trans Rights are Human Rights'

    14. "Electing people to public office who have zero qualifications because they’re famous for some bullshit."

    15. "Gender reveal parties and promposals. Good lord, it seems they get more ridiculous every week. This shit needs to go."

    A group holds a balloon that says, Baby boy? Baby girl?

    16. "Subscription-based everything. You can't own SHIT these days. Everything is a matter of 'You can have access to this thing, but only so long as you give us some money per month.'"

    17. "Mommy needs a drink and mommy wine culture — I hate this BS of normalizing alcoholism and these 'Poor me, my suburbia life is so rough, I can’t make it without wine o’clock.' Huge eye roll."

    18. "Giant infotainment screens in cars. When they all look dated in a few years, the resale value is going to fucking suck for those cars."

    19. "Not taking COVID seriously. I think the number of long-term health issues that will result from COVID is going to be huge."

    20. "Eyelashes so fake they look like spiders."

    21. "Veneers. People are LITERALLY sawing down their teeth for pictures and likes."

    22. "Minimalist everything. Every house, closet, and restaurant looks the same now. In 20 years, it’s all going to change because we’ll all be bored."

    23. "Filming everything you do. I was born in the late 1980s and this is just so weird to me since I grew up in an era of film cameras where every shot counted. It's so bizarre seeing some of my coworkers in their twenties film an average workday at the office like it's some sort of tourist attraction. Why would you do this?"

    Have any other current trends that you hope are long gone in 20 years? Share them in the comments!