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    People Are Sharing Absolutely Ridiculous Inaccuracies About Their Jobs They've Noticed From Movies And TV Shows, And I'm Wondering Who Let Hollywood Get Away With This

    "I wish Hollywood wasn’t so fond of making teachers look like people whose social life revolves around a bunch of teenagers."

    Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where a character has the same job as you, but they've gotten the details about what the job is actually like all wrong?

    I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share examples of the ways movies and TV shows have portrayed their careers inaccurately, and after reading through these responses, Hollywood definitely has some explaining to do.

    Here are 16 details about people's jobs that movies and TV shows just can't seem to get right:

    1. "Any movie that involves a bakery. It’s always so romantic and has a woman with perfect hair and make up, elegantly stirring a bowl of something. In reality, it’s 4 a.m. starts, the ovens make it hot and uncomfortable, you have your hair up in a bun (sometimes a hairnet), and you’re lifting 20kg bags of flour, sugar, etc. — usually all while being yelled at by a small business owner who is under stress to make a profit. It’s a satisfying job but no way near as glamorous as people think."

    2. "I work in archaeology, and I’ve argued for years that Indiana Jones is an absolutely crap archeologist. You never see him measure or map anything. I’ve never seen him put in a unit. He’s not out there submitting site forms to the SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office). I’ve never even seen him photograph an artifact in situ (before it's been moved from its original location). It’s all just grab and run, which in modern archaeology makes you a looter, not an archaeologist."

    3. "Being a lawyer for many is legit looking at paper all day. Combing through documents is a huge part of the job. The courtroom is a very tiny part of the job and many lawyers who work on cases never go to court."

    4. "I worked in local news (I was a producer) for a number of years. [The] media, ironically enough, likes to portray journalists as slimy people who are looking for ways to deliberately take things out of context to make a story more interesting or to screw people over, when that's not the case."

    5. "I work in a lab. The lack of safety shown in TV shows is astounding. I work with toxic chemicals and I literally always wear gloves and safety glasses at a minimum."

    6. "Don’t get me started on nurses. The only show that got it kinda right was Scrubs. Doctors don’t ambulate our patients. We work our butts off taking care of multiple patients, knowing everything about them, their diagnoses, meds, vitals, and assessments. We are highly skilled and trained, and no one ever shows that."

    7. "I work in disaster relief and response. Any time a show wants to portray the aftermath of a fire, the hallways are clear of debris, and there are chunks of stuff neatly placed around. In a real home fire, there's debris, broken glass, and standing water everywhere."

    8. "Working a job that pays just a little over minimum wage. I barely have any money to spare, or time and energy. This is directed at literally all rom-coms or movies where the main character works a low wage job and still lives a lavish lifestyle."

    9. "Being an early childhood educator is not the same as a babysitter. Shows like How I Met Your Mother spit in the face of how difficult and necessary our job is."

    10. "Production cars have been predominantly fuel-injected, NOT carbureted, since the early '90s. You couldn't even buy ANY carbureted consumer vehicle in America after a 1995 model year, because they literally didn't make them anymore. And yet, whenever someone is poking at a (generally late-model) misbehaving car or truck on a TV show or movie, they frequently end up saying, 'Ah, just like I thought: it's the carburetor.' Buddy, if there's a carburetor on your 2016 car, you've got bigger problems than you think."

    11. "Social workers, counselors, [and] therapists don’t sleep with our patients or get super intertwined in their lives. Every time this is portrayed, it’s incredibly frustrating! 99.99% of us are ethical people who know how to set boundaries and remain professional."

    12. "I’m a high school teacher. I get that there’s a need for drama to make good TV, but I HATE that plot lines surrounding student/teacher dynamics so often portray inappropriate, predatory, or just really fucking weird behavior on the part of the fictional teacher. I do not want to sleep with my students. They are kids! I also don’t want to be their best friend or be overly involved in their lives. Again, they are kids! I have friends my own age!"

    13. "Secretaries are not all blonde bombshells who sleep with the boss. We're also not just there so the business has someone pretty to charm the clients."

    14. "I am an in-home caregiver. In the movies, they show all caregivers always caring for bed-ridden patients or patients in a vegetative or catatonic state. None of the people I care for are like that. They are pretty lively most of the time, even feisty at times."

    15. "I’m a bartender. You don’t shake a damn martini. For the love of all that is holy, stir it."

    Anything else that movies or TV shows just get plain wrong about your career come to mind? Let us know in the comments!