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    "It Was Written By Sadists Who Enjoy Making Little Kids Cry": People Are Sharing Even More Books They Hated Reading In School

    "At the end of the year, several girls in my AP English class burned a stack of the books on our English teacher’s driveway."

    Last week, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their least favorite books they were assigned in school.

    Turns out, y'all are passionate about required reading! In the comments on that post, people shared even more books that they hated reading.

    Here are 27 more books that are commonly assigned in school that people really did NOT like:

    1. "To this day I detest fantasy books, all because in sixth grade I was forced to read The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. The minute I open a book where characters have stupid names like 'Bilbo' or 'Gandalf,' I quit reading. (By the way, I'm a librarian.) I want a fantasy where the main characters are 'Fred' and 'Judy,' and they live in a magical kingdom called 'Plainfield,' otherwise no dice. The Hobbit ruined an entire genre for me. Oh, and nothing with dragons, either. Thanks Smaug."

    2. "My least favorite book was a little number called My Antonia. There was no plot except a young girl existing and then getting older. Pointless."

    3. "The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper. I didn’t like most of the books from whatever class that was (American Literature or something), but this book was by far the worst. Aside from the fact that it was unbelievably boring, there is a scene where a character is scalped. I can handle most blood and gore, but scalping — in movies OR books — is a huge nope for me. I was so over this book by that point."

    4. "The one I HAVE to put on this list is McTeague by Frank Norris. It’s supposed to be an insight into greed and poverty, but all I can remember is that McTeague is an awful dentist who would molest his female patient, and his obsession [with] bicuspids. At the end of the year, several girls in my AP English class burned a stack of the books on our English teacher’s driveway."

    5. A Separate Peace. [A] spoiled little preppie maims and almost murders his best friend. I didn’t care about these characters at all. They’ll go off to college and become drunken, groping, spoiled frat boys."

    6. "The Things They Carried scarred me as a 14 year old. Not saying it's a bad book or that the topic isn't important, but some of it was a little haunting, especially at a younger age."

    7. "The Crucible was BORING."

    8. "I DESPISE Shakespeare. Not only did I have no clue what was going on whenever I had to read one of his plays, but I hate reading anything written in a play format."

    9. "I hated The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with every fiber of my being. Absolute worst book, and Mark Twain was a shit writer."

    10. "Tuck Everlasting. I don't even remember the book at all but I clearly remember it being the first book I actually did not like, and that was disappointing."

    11. "I hated Lord of the Flies. I was very good at writing and reading, but I always struggled with required reading, because I could never relate to the stories (teachers always wanted us to review these books positively and empathize). Looking at this list, I think it was because most of it was stories written by men and about male characters. I hope that today’s teens at least have the opportunity to read and learn from more currently relevant writers as well."

    12. "100 Years of Solitude. What the actual eff. So many characters and a lot of them had the same name. I just couldn’t keep up with it, and some of the mystical elements put me off."

    13. "With a few notable exceptions, the Newbury Medal books are boring crap that adults love because they think they would have loved them when they were kids. They were BORING. Add in 'classics' like Old Yeller, The Yearling, Bridge to Terabithia and such that are written by sadists who enjoy making little kids cry."

    14. "1984. Found it so boring. I don't think I ever got past chapter 2 and just faked my way through class."

    15. "On Chesil Beach. I absolutely loathe that book. I did not need a page and a half description of pubic hair."

    16. "For me, I have to say The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. It was so bleak and awful. I tried to understand it and I just couldn't do it. A girl with six toes, an incestuous relationship between cousins, just so much fucked-up shit that should not be taught at a Catholic school. IDK if that book is still taught but damn, I hated it."

    17. "The Scarlet Letter. Sentences would be literal paragraphs long and you would forget what you were reading about by the time you finished one. Great story idea, but not my taste in execution."

    18. "Watership Down. The premise was dumb, there were too many unnecessary characters, the plot was too long and stupid, and the allegory didn't give insight to anything we didn't already know."

    19. "In 10th grade, we had to read Ethan Frome. That was the first time I ever blatantly disliked an assigned book. I kinda got the hype around how the author's description of winter was so important, but by god, I have never hated a book character more than I hated Ethan. He’s creepy, boring, and it was just so annoying to read his POV. God, just thinking about how many class discussions I had to sit through about fucking Ethan Frome makes me angry. That is one unit of my life I will never get back."

    20. "I expected to enjoy it because I'd heard many times that it was good, but for me it was The Lovely Bones. Perhaps it was because it was a genre I typically would not read, but I barely made it through the first few chapters before having to put it down. Somehow I soldiered on for several more chapters when I just couldn't do it anymore. I had zero motivation to pick it back up again and honestly didn't mind at all that I failed that English assignment. My teacher looked like she wanted to slap me when I straight up said that I thought the book was boring during a class discussion. I liked a lot of fantasy books back then but have since broadened my horizons, though I still think The Lovely Bones is boring."

    21. "I had to read The Odyssey twice since we got a new teacher senior year. I hated it. Like can we please read a book that has something to do with the times in which we live, instead of an epic poem written 2,000 years ago?"

    22. "Never Let Me Go. The twist comes out of nowhere, [and] completely changes the whole book, making it such a depressing read. I got to the twist while in the waiting room at the ER, so I couldn't even really react because I was at the hospital. I remember just looking around mouthing, 'What?' because literally WTF just happened?"

    23. "How the fuck did no one mention Johnny Tremain?! Omg, I think I have PTSD from having to read that goddamn book THREE years in a row. And yes, I was in AP English."

    24. "Don’t get me started on my irrational hatred of James Joyce. I was finally placed in AP English my senior year and later told I didn’t fit in the class because I called [Joyce] a pretentious douchebag during a class discussion when we read Portrait Of the Artist As A Young Man. I felt vindicated years later when I read his letters to his wife talking about sucking her farts or whatever."

    25. "Life of Pi was the worst book I ever read in school."

    26. "I had to read Jane Eyre in high school and literally paid someone else to write my final paper on it for me so I didn't have to actually keep reading it. The only way I could understand what was happening was to look at the SparkNotes, and even then the story isn't that interesting. What exactly is romantic about the guy you're crushing on keeping a mentally ill woman in his attic?"

    27. And finally, "Where the Red Fern Grows. How DARE you assign fifth graders a book where the dogs die."

    Do you agree with any of these? And on a more positive note, are there any books you read in school that you loved?