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This Woman Wanted To Know If She Was The A-Hole For Bringing Her Baby To A Child-Free Wedding, And The Results Are Pretty Much Unanimous

"I'm sorry, but you're not special. You don't get to break the rules just because you feel like it."

For those of us who love getting all up in other people's drama, r/AmITheAsshole is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

In today's installment of a-hole antics, a woman decided to bring her baby to a wedding after the invitation explicitly said no children were allowed, and now she can't understand why her choice is starting all kinds of drama with her family.

Let's get the whole story, as told by u/babyweddingthrowaway:

"My cousin lives a 6-hour drive from me and the rest of our family. A few months ago, we all drove over there for his wedding. Due to limited space, no children were invited to the wedding, except [for] the bride's young nieces and nephews. My baby was 10 months old at the time, and I wasn't comfortable leaving him alone in an unfamiliar place with a stranger, which was a babysitter that my other cousins hired for their own kids. I decided to bring him to the wedding."

"I wrote on the RSVP that I was bringing him, but he would be sitting on my lap and I would bring my own food for him. My cousin didn't say anything so I assumed that he was OK with it. My baby cried at the ceremony but I quickly took him out of the room. At the reception, I had him with me the whole time in a body carrier. He didn't make much of a fuss and I thought everything was OK."

"After the wedding, my aunt (groom's mom) confronted me and told me that I was rude for bringing my baby without permission. I explained that I wrote on the RSVP what I was planning to, but my cousin didn't object. She said that my cousin and his bride had a problem with it, but the bride didn't want to start any drama because she doesn't know me well."

"My other cousin's baby was 7 months old at the time, and my aunt said that he had no problem leaving his baby with the 'certified' babysitter, and I should have done the same. Some of my cousins were upset because they thought that the groom gave me special treatment by letting me bring my baby and making them leave their kids with a babysitter. I didn't mean to start any drama. AITA?"

The commenters all agreed that the poster was, in fact, the asshole for ignoring the rules that were stated on the invitation.

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Pretty much all of the commenters said that her decision to bring the baby, especially because she knew she wasn't supposed to, was selfish.

Some people had an issue with the way the mom assumed what she wrote on the RSVP was adequate.

"OP didn’t even contact them directly to explain the situation … she just included it in the RSVP. She had to know this was going to be an issue, she just believed she could get away with it because the rules are apparently different for her." — u/minervasbiscuittin

Some said that the bride and groom chose a child-free wedding for a reason, and the mom's decision proved that she thought her needs were more important than their day.

Most people agreed that if the poster didn't like the child-free rule, then she should have just stayed home.

Finally, one commenter emphasized that the entire situation put the bride and groom in an uncomfortable position on what is supposed to be one of the best days of their lives.

"Honestly, what was the cousin even supposed to say to a note that basically said 'I don't care about your wishes, I'm bringing the baby anyway'?" —u/LevyApproves

Do you agree with all of the commenters? Is this mom the a-hole for ignoring the rules and bringing her baby anyway? Share your take on the situation in the comments!