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Here Are 7 Wild, Wacky, And Truly Unbelievable Things From "Inventing Anna" That Happened IRL, And 6 Things That Were Made Up For The Show

The truth is honestly just as strange as fiction.

While Inventing Anna is based on a true story, each episode of the Netflix hit opens with the line, "This whole story is completely true, except for the parts that are totally made up."

The show is based on a 2018 article written by Jessica Pressler for The Cut, and while it nails a lot of the IRL details, showrunner Shonda Rhimes took some creative liberties in telling Anna's story.

A newspaper with the the headline "Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It" with a woman's face pictured next to the words

I broke down which plot points are fact and which are fiction, and TBH, some of them might surprise you:

Major spoilers ahead, so if you haven't finished the show yet, proceed with caution!

1. Fact: Yes, Anna really did steal a jet.

A red headed woman with a man holding an umbrella over her head boarding a jet

2. Fiction: Anna's boyfriend, Chase Sikorski, is technically not a real person.

3. Fact: Vivian Kent (aka Jessica Pressler) was pregnant while writing the article.

A woman in a black dress posing on the red carpet

4. Fiction: Pressler's baby nursery was not actually covered in a web of pics of Anna.

A yellow wall full of photos with yarn connecting them like a web

5. Fact: Anna really knew Billy MacFarland (of Fyre Festival fame), and Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli.

Two white men

6. Fiction: Anna didn't get any special treatment in prison during her interviews.

Two women having a conversation in prison

7. Fact: Jessica Pressler loaned Anna clothes for her trial.

8. Fiction: Jessica Pressler didn't really attempt to break into Anna's family home in Germany, although she did visit to research for a potential book.

A journalist with her pen and notebook out

9. Fact: Rachel DeLoache Williams helped the police find Anna, got American Express to forgive the charges, and ended up getting a six-figure book deal.

10. Fiction: Pressler's editors weren't that stubborn about allowing her to write the story.

11. Fact: Neff Davis still defends Anna to this day.

A red haired woman and a Black woman posing for a picture

12. Fiction: Jessica Pressler didn't help Anna's lawyer, Todd Spodek, during the case, but they do know each other.

A man in a crowded office talking to a woman

13. Fact: Julia Garner nailed Anna's accent, and even Anna herself had to give Garner some credit.