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Apparently All Of These Things Became Cheugy In 2021, So If You're A Fan Of Any Of Them, You Might Want To Change That Before Your Gen Z Cousin Roasts You Over The Holidays

Long live TJ Maxx runs and Apple Watches!

If there's one thing we learned in 2021, it's that Gen Z loves to put the things millennials love on blast.

2021 was certainly the year of cheugy, with Gen Z taking virtually every opportunity to destroy the confidence of millennials by declaring that all of their favorite trends are tacky and out of style.

As a cusper born in 1997, I can't help but both feel called out for indulging in some of these now-cheugy trends and a little validated knowing that I'm not completely cheugy.

From skinny jeans to blonde hair, let's take a stroll down memory lane to see which trends officially crossed over into cheugy territory in 2021.

1. Side parts

2. Skinny jeans

3. Blonde hair

Bella Hadid on the left with blonde hair and Bella with red hair on the right

4. Rae Dunn pottery and farmhouse decor

@OweeeeenDennis rae dunn products are the cheugiest cheugy

Twitter: @killuazoldyck

5. Pumpkin spice lattes

6. Graphic tees

Cheugy moms choose graphic tees with cutesy quotes about coffee, wine and weekends.

Twitter: @ohsoamy

7. Gucci belts

A person wearing a plaid coat with a Gucci belt with the GG logo

8. Punny sayings on items

Twitter: @TabbyKeats

9. Jean jackets

A woman listening to music and wearing a jean jacket

10. Girl boss culture

11. TJ Maxx/Marshall's

How am I ever supposed to enjoy TJ Maxx after being introduced to the word cheugy?

Twitter: @BadBreak_Billy

12. Blanket scarves

A woman looking over her shoulder as she walks through the snow while wearing a plaid blanket scarf, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat

13. Lasagna

A slice of lasagna

14. The Bachelor

A man and a woman holding hands as they sit on a couch from an episode of The Bachelorette

15. Apple Watches

Stop calling apple watches cheugy, I just wanna close my rings in peace (,:

Twitter: @Allybear_28

16. Leggings

Three women wearing leggings walking down a pathway

17. Script font

Is it just me or does EVERY SINGLE SCRIPT FONT look cheugy AF?

Twitter: @rjoneshowe

18. Going on cruises

The Carnival Glory cruise ship

19. The Office, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and probably every other late 1990s/early 2000s TV show you've ever enjoyed

20. Disney adults

Twitter: @lagatalocq

21. The dollar section at Target

A person shopping the dollar section at Walmart

22. The crying laughing emoji

23. Punny Instagram captions

Have anything else that you think has crossed over into cheugy territory? Let us know in the comments below!

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