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    From Cheating On Their Spouses To Stealing Ideas, These 18 Historical Figures Were Actually Pretty Problematic

    They certainly didn't teach us about Albert Einstein's messy personal life in history class.

    Recently over on r/AskReddit, u/TGYHJDFGH asked "What beloved person in history should actually be hated?"

    As someone who can't resist a historical fact, I was immediately intrigued.

    Here are 18 historical figures who have actually done some pretty horrible things:

    1. "Steve Jobs. The way he treated his family is horrible." —u/iameshwar_raj

    Steve Jobs

    2. "P.T. Barnum. Due to the romanticization in The Greatest Showman, people should know that he was a maniac that did ungodly experiments on living beings, locked people in cages, abused and mocked them, all whilst earning pocket from them." —u/RogueVogueDino

    P.T. Barnum

    3. "Coco Chanel used her Nazi lovers to win favor and ensure that her fashion house would thrive throughout the war." —u/Extraportion

    Coco Chanel

    4. "Elvis Presley groomed a 14-year-old and slept with her while he toured." —u/YellowB

    5. "Mother Teresa believed suffering brought people closer to God. Her hospices were just places for people to die in agony, but as soon as her own health was at risk, she fled to the best hospitals. She was a hypocrite and caused untold suffering that could have very easily been avoided with even basic medical intervention." —u/Pangolinsareodd

    Mother Teresa

    6. "Andy Warhol is one of those people where the more I learn about him the less I like him." —u/Brendy_

    Andy Warhol

    7. "Alfred Hitchcock. The guy probably was one of the best filmmakers ever, but it's worth mentioning how much he abused his actors, including sexually harassing Tippi Hedren." —u/RingoStarAllies

    Alfred Hitchcock

    8. "The Wright Brothers. The war between them and other aviation pioneers, including Glenn Curtiss, created such a blockage in aviation progress, that Roosevelt was forced to call them to the White House as their lawsuits were a threat to national security." — u/whippet66

    The Wright Brothers

    9. "Woodrow Wilson was a giant racist who made segregation even worse during his term." —u/rewrarin

    Woodrow Wilson

    10. "John Lennon. Treated like shit during his childhood, whines about it his whole life, then does the exact same thing to his son Julian." —u/BigMattress269

    John Lennon

    11. "[Albert] Einstein. He influenced the Manhattan Project, and after the bombing of Hiroshima, he condemned the war. Basically, a wolf in sheep's clothing." —u/aykalam123

    12. "Dr. Seuss. Cheated on his wife, plus questionable racism in early work." —u/Cierraluxe

    Dr. Seuss holding a copy of "The Cat in the Hat."

    13. "Henry Ford [was] part of a mutual admiration society with Hitler. [He] wrote an anti-Semitic screed called The International Jew, was a proponent of fascism in America, and surveilled his own employees at their homes to see if they were living up to his moral standards." —u/SonOfButtPushy

    Henry Ford

    14. "John Wayne needed to be restrained from assaulting a Native American actress in the '70s at the Academy Awards." —u/b10h454r8_y

    John Wayne

    15. "Winston Churchill. He was great in WW2, but his actions in India are indefensible, and he was racist even in 1940s-'50s." —u/crispier_creme

    16. "Charlie Chaplin definitely. Dude groped and assaulted girls and married a woman 40 years younger than him." —u/cnoelle94

    Charlie Chaplin

    17. "Thomas Edison wasn't an amazing inventor; he was a patent thief." —u/Sibogy

    Thomas Edison

    18. "Charles Dickens tried to have his wife committed to an insane asylum so that he could run off with his mistress, a teenage actress." —u/Spacebarman010101

    Painting of Charles Dickens

    Any other historical figures who are actually pretty problematic come to mind? Let us know in the comments!