I'm Obsessed With How Accurate The "2021 Words Of The Year" Are In Describing The Sheer Madness That Was 2021

    From vaccines to cicadas, 2021 was certainly a year to remember.

    Every year, various dictionaries release their words of the year.

    Their picks are usually the most-searched words or phrases on their websites for that year, and they're often pretty telling about what exactly went down.

    Everyone from Merriam-Webster to dictionary.com has been unveiling their selections for which words defined 2021 as the year winds down.

    And this year, the choices serve as a year-in-review, painting a picture of exactly what 2021 was like.

    Merriam-Webster chose vaccine as their top word.

    Another most-searched term was insurrection following the events of January 6.

    The site also singled out the word "cicada," as 2021 marked Brood X's (the type of cicada that emerged this spring) return after 17 years of hibernation.

    Other popular searches included "meta" after Facebook announced they were focusing on building a Metaverse, "guardian" after Cleveland's baseball team changed their name, and "murraya", which was the winning word at the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

    Dictionary.com chose "allyship" as their word of 2021.

    Others that made their shortlist include "critical race theory," "burnout," and once again, "vaccine."

    And third time's the charm for vaccine because it also landed at the top of the Oxford Dictionary's list!

    Although they ultimately landed on "vax," citing all of the contexts it appears in, from "vax cards," to "vax sites," to being "fully vaxxed."

    The Collins dictionary chose "NFT" (aka non-fungible token) as their pick, and honestly, I'm glad — maybe now I'll actually understand what an NFT is.

    A few of their other picks include "cheugy," "crypto" and "hybrid working."


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    And finally, the Cambridge Dictionary anointed "perseverance" as their pick. It symbolizes both NASA's Mars rover safely landing in February, and the overall feel of 2021 at times.

    Have any other words that perfectly sum up the events of 2021? Let us know in the comments!