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    22 Worries Everyone Has During Pilates

    Please don't fart, please don't fart...

    1. Your butt will be way too close to the person's face behind you.

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    2. That you look like you're just flopping around.

    3. That you'll look too excited to get started.

    Let's burn it up!!!

    4. That you'll fart and disgust everyone around you.

    5. People might think you're there for the wrong reasons.

    6. That you won't seem committed.

    7. The resistance band will straight-up bitch slap you.

    8. You'll fall while using the workout ball.

    Or worse... you'll pop it.

    9. Your workout pants will be see-through when you bend over.

    10. You might accidentally kick someone in the face.

    11. Your top will fall down, and you'll wind up flashing the whole class during a shoulder stand.

    12. That your weight will slip out of your control and nail your neighbor.

    13. You'll cramp up in the middle of a leg isolation.

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    14. That you'll look like a total creep doing leg lifts.

    Especially if you make eye contact with anyone in the room.

    15. Or even worse... having a coregasm in class.

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    16. That you won't look like the fitspo pictures all over Pinterest after one workout.

    I like to do approx 5 sets of side sit ups on each side and then rush to the mirror to see if it worked. #pilatesproblems


    I like to do approx 5 sets of side sit ups on each side and then rush to the mirror to see if it worked. #pilatesproblems

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    17. That you might actually snap in half while doing a backbend.

    18. You'll never be able to swim fast enough.

    Ahhhhh. Just keep swimming... just keep swimming....

    19. That you'll paralyze the person next to you with your bad breath .

    In through the nose, and a strong exhale out the mouth... only if you take a breath mint with each water break.

    20. That the instructor will judge your sweatiness while they're adjusting you.

    Ew, ew, ew, please don't touch my feet.

    21. That this could be the one swan dive that will break your nose.

    22. That you won't be able to carry your weight in a partner exercise.

    But be honest, your biggest worry is that you'll leave the class feeling too fierce for your own good.