19 Ways Older Cousins Are The Absolute Greatest

They’re the siblings you were meant to have.

1. As kids, you could get away with doing stupidly dangerous things together.

After all, they don’t have to answer to your mom when she finds out you need 20 stitches.

2. They make the best babysitters because they know exactly what you want.

3. You can open up to them about things you’d never dream of telling your siblings.

A&M Films / Via huffingtonpost.com

Your brother would never let you live that down.

4. Most of the time they’re super welcoming when you bring a significant other to a family event.

Gold Circle Films / Via confidentialityspice.tumblr.com

5. But they’ll let your S.O. know they mean business as well.

6. You can ask them questions you could never ask your older siblings.

Some things are just too awkward to share with the person who shares your bedroom.

7. They make the best drinking buddies at family events.

Getting rowdy with your cousins is always more fun because they’re much more than family — they’re your friends too.

8. They’ll put up with the shit your older siblings don’t have the patience for.

this is what i have to deal with lmaooo smh #cousins

— Claudia (@ClaudiaKrauhl)

9. When you were a kid, they let you listen to music your parents wouldn’t allow.

They’re not telling on you.

10. You got to hang out with their older friends.

Which is much better than awkwardly meeting your brother’s friends in your pajamas.

11. Since you’re not around enough to annoy them, they think your antics are cute and fun.

Casual Friday Productions / Via xjessicanguyenx.tumblr.com

12. They’re always there to help when you have a beauty problem.

Gold Circle Films / Via blog.synopsi.tv

Unlike your sister who will just point and laugh.

13. They’d help you prank your siblings.

14. You don’t feel the need to compete with them like you do with your siblings.


15. They taught you how to curse because they knew they couldn’t get in trouble.

Weinstein Company / Via pandawhale.com

16. If you don’t live in the same town, you get to travel and visit them.

“A different state of mind #newyork #ny #cousins #traveling #visit #love #friends as well #coffeestop #freezing #awesome #favorite”

17. They know stories about your parents that you don’t, and they are not afraid to dish out the dirty details.

18. Unlike your siblings, you could ask your cousins to take you to do rebellious things.

Ian Ross Pettigrew/Ian Ross Pettigrew

And they won’t tell your parents about that tattoo either.

19. You might not see them all of the time, but when you do meet up again, it’s magical.

finally all together in the same place again #cousins @CSantos194 @michellee_texx @brianbertolo @dreyuhhhhhh

— Emily Sofia (@emsantoss)

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