21 Sad Truths About Not Studying Abroad With Your Friends

Please, tell me again how much fun you’re having without me.

1. Your friends are falling in love in front of the Eiffel Tower and you’re still swiping away on Tinder.

David Freund/David Freund


Ugh, I’m so happy for you.

2. While your friends are swimming with turtles, you’re searching wanderlust images online.



3. They are visiting the places you’re studying about for tomorrow’s exam.

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But THANK GOD they are flooding your Twitter feed with their profound insight.

4. While they’re eating dinner at the restaurant from Eat, Pray, Love, you’re most certainly not.


Excuse me while I eat, pray, cry.

5. Their selfies have historical monuments in the background, and yours feature a paper towel dispenser.

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6. They’re drinking fine wine, and you’re drinking from a box.


7. When you ask them how they like Barcelona, they’ll make sure to correct your pronunciation.

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So what if you’ve taken Spanish for years? Your friends have been there for three weeks and know everything.

8. They’re clubbing in Europe, while you’re spilling your beer all over yourself at the local dive bar.


9. They’re drinking exotic and delicious coffee, and you’re stuck drinking something that tastes like dirt.


Flickr: dancentury / Creative Commons


10. They are buying vintage clothes from English flea markets, and you’re still trudging through the mall.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images


11. They’ll scoff at you for saying “soccer.”

Freestyle Releasing


12. They’re drinking Guinness straight from the brewery, while you’re drinking Coors at karaoke night.

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment


13. Your friends can get to another country in the same amount of time it takes you to drive across town.

Mike Blake / Reuters


14. Their profile pictures showcase how *wonderful* of a person they are, while yours is still an awkward duck face.

Flickr: fmgbain / Creative Commons


15. They’re communicating with their parents via postcard, and you’re stuck having uncomfortable text conversations with your dad .

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive


16. They’re studying in historical libraries, while you’re stuck reading by the vending machine.


At least there’s Sprite, right?

17. While your friends are going down natural water slides in Puerto Rico, you’re picking up an extra shift to pay for your water bill.

Stephen Chernin / Getty Images News / Getty Images


18. They’re mesmerized by crazy skylines, and you’re just watching dudes play frisbee in the quad.

vladimir zakharov / vladimir zakharov

Flickr: 97438515@N00 / Creative Commons


19. They come back being an authority on everything European, and they’ll remind you that you know nothing.


20. They’re taking a gelato making class, and you’re taking O Chem.

Columbia Pictures /nydailynews.com

AndreyPopov / AndreyPopov


21. They’re doing exciting things with their new friends, and you’re still paying more attention to your phone while at dinner with your old ones.


You love the friends you have at school, but you can’t help but feel a little envious that your friends abroad are meeting people from around the world.

But no matter how annoying they are, you’re still so happy to see them when they return.

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