26 Tattoos Your Kids Won’t Understand

Tattoos are forever. Trends are not.

1. Film Roll

“Hold up… people actually had to wait to see their photos? And you couldn’t select filters?”

2. VHS Tape

“Not sure what ‘be kind, rewind’ even means.”

3. Cassette Tapes

“Um, I thought all music was available digitally. You sure those aren’t alien drawings?”

4. Xanga

“So… Xanga was like a really shitty version of Facebook, right?”

5. Antoine Dodson

“Someone said something slightly funny on the news and it sparked a cult following? Seems dumb.”

6. Myspace

“So, this was like a better Xanga, right?”

7. Psy

“Oh, this is the guy that sings the song they still use in pistachio commercials?”

8. Konami Code

“Why do the guys look pixelated?”

9. Rage Meme

“Why is this raisin so angry?”

10. Harlem Shake

“People were still trying to revitalize flash mobs, huh?”

11. USB Cord

“Why would you need a connector cord when everything is stored in the Cloud?”

12. CD

“People listened to music on flying saucers? What happens if you got fingerprints on it?”

13. Floppy Disk

“You could fit your entire life in under 2MB of storage?”

14. Polaroid Camera

“OK, I get wanting an instant picture, but you can’t even upload this online immediately. Seems counter-productive.”

15. Courage Wolf Meme

“Not sure about glory, but it does seem stupidity is eternal.”

16. Compass

“Why didn’t people just use Google maps?”

17. Game Boy

“So, this was a shitty version of an iPhone? You had to carry around your games?”

18. Wrist Watch

“LOL, isn’t that what phones are for?”

19. Landline Telephone

“But, like, what if you weren’t home when someone called? Could you text landlines?”

20. Typewriter

“But, you can’t even go online. What’s the point?”

21. Yahoo

“There were other companies besides Google back in your day?”

22. Metronome

“First of all, music is made on computers, not by instruments, so I don’t get why anyone needed this. Secondly, wasn’t there an app for that?”

23. Atari

“Is this from that weird Star Trek movie you like?”

24. Boombox… and a mixtape

“Woah, your portable speakers were enormous. Did you actually carry that around?”

25. Nintendo Controller

“What do you mean the game didn’t sync up with your body movements?”

26. Keyboard Cat

“LOL, OK, cats are still hilarious.”

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