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19 Reasons To Spend Valentine's Day With Your Best Friend

You're basically a couple anyway.

1. Your best friend won't let you sulk about not having a date.

2. They've seen you at your worst, and there's no need to impress them.

3. You can drink as much as you want because your friend won't let you drunkenly text your ex.

4. You harmonize perfectly together, even if you both suck at singing.

5. You can snuggle without there being any weird expectations.

6. If you don't live near your best friend, spending Valentine's Day together is the perfect excuse for a road trip.

7. You don't expect a gift, but you know if they give you one it'll be exactly what you want.

8. You know each other's favorite treats, so snacking will be glorious.

9. You don't have to feel embarrassed when you cry during a romcom — they'll most likely cry with you.

10. You won't have to embarrass yourself while trying to be sexy.

11. There's no need to shave your legs.

12. You can ignore the pressure of going to some overpriced restaurant and do something wacky you both love.

13. You don't even have to talk if you don't want to — they know exactly what you're thinking.

14. But if you do feel like talking, you'll do it in a way only the two of you understand.

15. You don't care if other people judge you for not going out because your best friend has your back.

16. You have free reign to gossip about your exes together.

17. There's no need to wrack your brain for something poetic to say when you can communicate entirely with inside jokes.

18. Your best friend will never let you make a fool out of yourself alone.

19. They'll make you feel like the most special person alive.