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22 Reasons Karen O Is An Inspirational Rock Goddess

She's somethin' like a phenomena.

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1. She exudes confidence.

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"Just pretend like you're the shit, you're the biggest fucking thing to happen to this city." — Karen O from a 2013 SPIN Interview.

2. Although she's mostly known for her fierce onstage antics, she proved at the Oscars that she can tone it down and still be amazing.

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Placing her shoes next to her onstage was such a delicate touch.


4. Her energy onstage is infectious and she'll make you want to jump and scream along.

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8. She doesn't stick to one specific sound.

Acoustic, amped, gospel-fusion? She's able to do it all.

9. She's proof that you can be both badass and sweet.

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14. She loves her fans and wants them to be a part of her music.

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17. She covered Willie Nelson's "Abandon" to raise money for Farm Aid.

The effort was sponsored by the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

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