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19 Ways Jerboas Will Instantly Win Your Heart

Tiny, mighty, and insanely cute — what's not to love?

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1. OMG, is this not the most adorable creature you've ever seen?

If that smile doesn't melt your heart, then there's simply no hope for you.


3. Same goes for short people. Jerboas are proof that being tiny is amazing.

Their height ranges from 2 to 6 inches.

5. Oh, in case you thought they couldn't be any cuter, there are pygmies as well.

Out of the 33 species of jerboa, six are pygmy.


8. Be still my heart.

Jerboas get all of the hydration they need from food, so they don't drink water.

10. Don't let their size fool you — these little babes are mighty.

Found from Asia to Africa, jerboas make their homes in deserts, battling extreme weather conditions.

11. Try not to giggle — I dare you.

12. You've got to be kidding me. They're too precious.

13. Did you know they can live up to six years?

15. In case you were wondering, their tails are usually longer than their whole bodies.

And they help with stability.

19. Need all of the jerboas. Now.

Sorry responsibilities, watching this video on repeat is now a top priority.

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