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15 Courses That Should Be Taught In College

Finally, information you can actually use in the real world.

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1. Money Management

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Does anyone really know how to manage their money? Be honest, can you even tell the difference between the accounting number and routing number on your checks?

Main objectives: The importance of savings accounts, how to properly budget your pizza and beer spendings, and a basic overview of interest.

2. Grocery Shopping

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There are few things more stressful than grocery shopping. The aisles are packed with tempting foods, you almost always forget to purchase something, and reading nutrition labels feels like you're reading a different language.

Main objectives: Creating a grocery list your mother would be proud of, selecting foods that aren't all packaged and microwavable, and teaching you the difference between a red onion and a shallot (apparently not all onions are created equal).

3. Laundry

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Laundry day is the worst. Delicates, normal, hand wash, permanent press — what the hell does that all mean? Even the most confident and organized people have trouble with basic clothes washing — not to mention dealing with the weirdos at the laundromat.

Main objectives: Which detergent is the best for your clothes, how to sort your laundry, how to fold your laundry, and what you're actually supposed to do with your bras.

4. Surviving An Internship

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Face it, no one is ever mentally prepared for the pressures that come with an internship — especially if it's unpaid. Hopefully you won't be fetching coffee, but it'd be nice to learn how to balance four lattes and laundry bags just in case.

Main objectives: How to be assertive, where the best spots to cry are around you, how to look alert when you've only had two hours of sleep, and stress management.


5. Apartment Hunting

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Forget everything you saw in Sex In The City because there is nothing glamorous about shopping for a new pad. From horrible landlords to terrifying Craigslist encounters, finding your new luxurious (AKA closet-sized and outdated) digs can be a major headache.

Main objectives: What to do when you see a cockroach, what is essential vs. things you love but will break anyway, how to communicate with your landlord, and how to deal with the roommate from hell.

6. Taxes

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Ah, tax season. The time of year where more beer and Advil are sold throughout the country. OK, that may not be true, but filing your taxes is one of the most enraging and confusing evils on the planet... and does anyone actually know how to do it?

Main objectives: Overview of why we pay taxes, grief counseling, how to get a better tax return, and navigating tax write-offs.

7. Entertaining

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Sure, everyone loves to hate Gwyneth Paltrow, but man does she know how to host a gathering. It'd be lovely to learn how to throw a party that doesn't involve red Solo cups and a bag of Tostitos.

Main objective: How to go beyond cocktail weinies for appetizers, how to make a nice cocktail without using a plastic handle and Gatorade, and how to properly set a table (damn you, salad and entrée forks).

8. Time Management

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Remember that time you had a paper due but decided a Netflix marathon was more important? Or when you told yourself you'd just go on Facebook for a few minutes? Time management is so hard... especially when revamping your résumé is less entertaining than, well, literally anything else.

Main objectives: How to stay productive when a Harry Potter marathon is on, when to step away from the internet, and the difference between a productive break and an excuse to procrastinate.


9. Dating

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OK, so you haven't found your soulmate and are still really focused on your relationship with cheese. That's fine. But how nice would it be to know how to date a human?

Main objectives: How to create a dating profile, which pictures are best on your profile, how to eat like a civilized person on a date, and intensive explanations on why you shouldn't drunkenly text your ex.

10. Cleaning Your Apartment

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Turns out spraying Febreze all over your apartment doesn't actually make it clean. Now that you're living in your own place and trying to function like a real adult, its time to become friends with your mop.

Main objectives: How to clean spaces you didn't realize needed to be cleaned (i.e. doorknobs, refrigerators, and that corner of your room collecting dust), why shoving things in your closet doesn't count as cleaning, and when to throw out sponges (because you've been using yours for three months and someone needs to stop you).

11. 401 (k)

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So, it might seem strange to think about retirement while you're still trying to figure out a career path, but they say preparing now will definitely help later... whoever they are. At the very least it'd be nice to know how to get on track for that sweet boat you're convinced you'll buy when you're 70.

Main objectives: Why you should take a chunk of your already small paycheck and put it aside for the future, how to be patient, why you can't have everything you want right now, and learning how to deal with the fact that you'll be working for the next 50 years.

12. Coping With Student Loans

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Congratulations, you got your diploma... and have acquired an enormous amount of debt. Remember when you were up all night cramming for an exam, thinking the world was going to end? Well, that's nothing compared to the anguish of paying for that torment. Welcome to the real world!

Main objectives: Kickboxing your stress away, finding out exactly how long it will take to pay off your loans, grief counseling, daily reminders that having an education will pay off in the future (hopefully).


13. Car Maintenance

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You're driving along and suddenly it happens — one of the strange symbols on your dashboard lights up. You pull to the side of the road thinking this is the end, the time your car finally explodes and you go down in a fiery hell. We've all been there. Instead of jumping to the absolute worst conclusion, wouldn't it be nice to know that DRL simply means Daytime Running Lamp?

Main objectives: Why oil changes aren't just a scam to get your money, why you should keep your car clean, how to change a tire, and why it's a terrible idea to let a stranger help you when you break down on a country road at night.

14. Negotiating

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So you landed a job and want to know how to move upward in the company. That's great! Too bad you need a healthy dose of confidence and assertiveness, not to mention a game plan, before you barge into your boss's office and demand a raise.

Main objectives: How to assert yourself, how not to say "um" or "like" while speaking to an authority figure, how to dress like someone who deserves a promotion, and how to be realistic about your goals.

15. Rejection

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So, you've sent out 167 résumés and no one has called you back. It sucks, but that's the way the world seems to work. Instead of burying your sorrows in a carton of ice cream, it'd be nice to know how to pick yourself back up and move on.

Main objectives: How to react gracefully, why you shouldn't post your rage all over Facebook, deep breathing, and the art of fake smiling.

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