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    33 Things That Belong In Every Music Lover's Home

    The hills aren't the only things alive with the sound of music.

    1. A piano bookshelf. / Via

    But please, only gut this work of art if it's irreparable.

    2. This guitar shelf.

    You can learn how to make your own here.

    3. Or this bass shelf.

    4. A harp-infused chair.

    5. A vinyl cupcake stand.

    This can be used for trinkets and jewelry as well.

    6. This gramophone chair.

    7. A piano bar.

    8. This record-player clock.

    9. A piano water fountain / planter hybrid.

    You can find more ideas here.

    10. An album art side table.

    11. This iPod coffee table.

    12. Or this turntable coffee table.

    13. A piano desk / table.

    14. Or this acoustic table you can actually play.

    15. This organ pipe bed frame.

    16. An album art headboard.

    17. This equalizer clothing rack.

    18. This steel drum light fixture.

    19. Or this trumpet-inspired light fixture.

    20. A custom YouTube channel shower curtain.

    21. An accordion storage cabinet.

    22. This soundproof practice cube.

    23. This outdoor seating unit complete with LED lights and speaker system.

    24. A cozy nook to listen to your favorite albums.

    25. This keyboard sofa.

    26. A guitar sink.

    27. This violin cutting board complete with a bow knife.

    28. A piano staircase.

    29. This staff-shaped candle holder.

    30. A personalized sound wave print.

    31. A customized music canvas.

    32. A record mirror.

    33. These horn speakers.

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