17 Babies Wonder Why The Hell Their Parents Dressed Them In These Halloween Costumes

Their cute little faces say exactly what they’re thinking.

1. This displeased bunch

“We’re done.”

2. Sherbet-colored snail baby

“The only thing more obnoxious than this color combination is that you actually thought I looked cute.”

3. Chicken and Alien baby

“All right, which of you wise-asses thought it would be funny to put my in a chicken costume with a phallic alien ripping through my chest? This will never be forgotten.”

4. Chick-a-dee baby

“You think this is funny? Just wait until I’m old enough to tell you I’m vegan - oh yeah, we’ll see who gets the last laugh.”

5. Homeless baby

“Look, I get it. You don’t like when I wake you up in the middle of the night screaming for milk. But a homeless joke? TOO FAR.”

6. Ventriloquist baby

“The only thing worse than sharing your genes is totally having matching outfits. What will all the other babies think? Embarrassing.”

7. Peas in a pod baby

“Oh, haha, yeah! REAL original, guys.”

8. Little skunk baby

“Pepe Le Pew? More like Pepe Le F-U.”

9. Triscuit picnic snack baby

“When grandma said I was cute enough to eat, I thought she was only joking. You laughed!”

10. Hot dog baby

“No, I will not relish in this moment. Worst night ever.”

11. Spaghetti baby

“I look like a Raggedy Ann doll who went through a meat processor. This is terrible.”

12. Zombie baby

“Brains sound disgusting. Now, boobs are something I could totally get behind.”

13. Burger baby

“Where the hell is PETA when I need them?!”

14. Sushi baby

“We’re already starting with the Asian jokes, huh?”

15. Turkey stuffing baby

“I know where you can stuff this turkey.”

16. Woopie cushion baby

“Fart jokes? Really? I’m an infant, and I’m too mature for those.”

17. Bacon baby

“Only hipster d-bags love bacon this much.”

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