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16 Ways To Channel Your Inner Will Ferrell In Your Every Day Life

From cheerleader to professional newscaster, Will Ferrell has embodied an array of characters and has proven to be a modern Renaissance man. Let his many looks inspire you as you navigate your own multifaceted lifestyle, and I guarantee you'll be saying, "Come see how good I look" daily.

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1. The Folk Rocker

Crop tops, tight pants, aviators, and facial hair take this look from garage session to main stage. Trendy before the word "hipster" surfaced, Will gives the well-dressed members of Mumford & Sons a run for their money. Bonus points if you accessorize with your own cowbell.

2. The Sunday Driver

Planning a drive through the wilderness? A turtle neck, fitted jacket, and sleek hair will certainly attract attention and keep you cozy while cruising with your top down. Who knows, maybe you'll even make some new friends.

3. The Spirit Leader

The next time you head to a school event, show your spirit by wearing your school colors. A solid color pant pairs perfectly with a school sweatshirt. If you really want to be like Will, bust out those choreographed dance moves and cheer to your heart's content. Who's got spirit? How 'bout you!

4. The Festival Lover

Coachella is less than a year away, and you can never start planning your outfits too early. Get in touch with your inner flower child by making your own floral head wrap. You'll look fresh as the first day of Spring.


5. The Job Seeker

If you're looking for a job, you know the importance of dressing well for the interview. But why wear a boring pant suit when you can wear a tux? Employers will be so impressed, they'll have to hire you (unless, of course, you make fart jokes during the interview).

7. The Casual Friday

You've been wearing your nicest garb to the office all week, so don't be afraid to express yourself and have a little fun once Friday rolls around. Show your true colors and be seen, you go-getter, you.

8. The Motivational Speaker

When you need to get your point across, wear something that will help you stand out. People respect confidence, and you'll surely gain theirs in a super-hero inspired outfit. The mask makes you all the more mysterious and inspiring.


9. The Ice Skater

Hitting the rink this winter? Forget the boring cable-knit sweaters and mittens. You'll skate circles around all the other rosy-cheeked skaters in a colorful spandex outfit. Who'd the judges award a 10 for style? That'd be you, my friend.

10. The Skinny Jean

Skinnies are such a versatile wardrobe staple. Their slim fit emphasizes your confidence - and your thighs and man-bits - and pairs with almost anything. Throw on a pair of heels or slick kicks and you're ready to take on both the grocery store and a concert.

11. The Holiday Partier

Whether you're attending a company party or a gathering with friends and family, dazzle everyone around you by completely embodying the holiday spirit. Nothing quite says you're on the "nice list" like dressing up as Santa's Little Helper.


13. The Award-Winner

Sure, you can show up to an award ceremony dressed in expensive brands, but why leave any questions unanswered about how much you spent? Wear your money on your sleeve - and the rest of your body - and show people just how high-profile you really are.

14. The Chic Geek

Ugly sweaters and vests are back, and they're better than ever. Channel your inner Cosby and get cozy. You can pump up the wow-factor by accessorizing with a statement necklace and pumps for a spunky look that's appropriate for both work and play.

16. The Janet Reno

Want to look Attorney General chic? Follow Will's lead and imitate Janet Reno. The matching skirt and blazer combination paired with delicate pearls say that you're professional, feminine, and a no-bullshit, hard worker. Lean in and assert yourself!

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