15 Signs You Were An RA

If you were a Resident Assistant on your university’s campus — whether you were the “cool” RA, the stickler, or the RA that was there just for the meal plan — these 15 things still stick with you forever.

1. You have zero patience for non-inclusive language.

Your passion can sometimes be a little intimidating.

2. You know every line from Mean Girls.

You showed the movie once a month for “educational” purposes.

3. You’ve mastered the art of couponing, and you’re proud of it.

4. You panic every time you smell burned popcorn.

The fire alarms still haunt your dreams.

5. You could plan events with your eyes closed.

6. Your expectations for party attendance have been significantly lowered.

You used to be hurt that people didn’t show up to your programs, but now you know the true key to happiness is a healthy dose of apathy.

7. You still feel uncomfortable when you see an old resident in a bar.

Or anywhere.

8. You give excellent compliments.

Even if you sometimes come across as being creepy.

9. You’ve seen things you can never un-see.

From vomit to feces on the staircase, you’ve seen it all.

10. You know the true meaning of gender equality.

And you’ll go on record defending it.

11. You know that serving pizza is the most effective way to gain respect.

Because, really, everyone loves pizza.

12. Your vocabulary consists of a lot of abbreviations and acronyms, which confuses your non-RA friends.

13. This is your version of a motivational speech.

14. You feel it’s your duty to help every drunken person you see.

15. You snap when you agree with someone.

Snapping’s just so much cooler (and quieter) than clapping.

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