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    14 Outrageous Things People Do At Weddings

    From stripper dance moves down the aisle to cake smashing, people do some strange things at their weddings.

    1. EVERYTHING in this video

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    The song selection, stripper moves, horrified family members, and bandannas make this wedding hilariously tragic.

    2. Host themed weddings

    3. Honeymoon jars

    4. The Chicken Dance

    5. Cake smash

    6. Toss the garter

    7. Give long, drunken speeches

    8. Shoot guns

    9. Host the wedding or reception at a fast food restaurant

    10. Serve over-the-top wedding cakes

    11. The Money Dance

    12. Freak out

    13. Bouquet toss

    14. Spend their life savings