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    Walt Disney's Head Is Frozen And Here's Why!

    Okay so we truly believe that Mr. Head Of Disney (Get it..head) Walt Disney was frozen and this is why!

    Walt Disney: On Ice!

    Okay so there are no doubts that most people have heard the rumors that Walt Disney is frozen somewhere along Disney property, but what if it isn't just a fun little rumor.

    Walt Disney was born on on December 5, 1901 and tragically died at the age of sixty-five on December 15, 1966 of lung cancer. He was said to be buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. This seems pretty routine for the death of a loved one. A funeral, a service, and finally the burial, but what if Walt was never buried?

    It is believed that sometime during the long process of Walt Disney's death he made the claim of wanting to be frozen in a cryonic chamber filled with liquid nitrogen to preserve his body. While this was never truly confirmed it has not been fully denied either meaning there is still a chance he made said claim.

    Walt Disney was an obvious fan of wanting to make other's around him happy, but knowing his state and the sentencing happening Walt knew he would die. Maybe he didn't want to go a little more than most so he made special arrangements to be stored. The ultimate comeback would be to come back over fifty years after he had died from a cancerous mass on his lungs perfectly alright and preserved. He would finally get to see his legacy carried out through the modern day Disney World parks!

    Obviously there is no way to confirm nor deny that Walt Disney's body or head is frozen, but it would definitely be an interesting thing to find out. While we do know that many believe he is held somewhere along the secret underground cast member only tunnels beneath the parks another popular belief is that he is in a chamber beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction!

    Let us know down below in the comments what you think about this! Is he Disney On Ice re-imagined or is he chilling six feet under in California! Drop your thoughts below!

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