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    How Girls Are Like Knives (A Poem)

    This poem is really to show how incredible we think women truly are from a young woman's point of view growing up with today's impossible societal standards.

    How Girls Are Like Knives

    We are jagged,

    And sharp,

    and we may even seem dull,

    but if you take the chance to cross us-

    You could bleed from one wrong move.

    We stay locked away without a second thought,

    silent until we are wanting to be used and thrown around,

    but when you let us out we scar easily.

    Sort of the way museum artifacts are portrayed within a glass box.

    We stand there looking pretty,

    And shiny,

    but according to society, touch us,

    And we break into a thousand pieces.

    Ever wonder why our eyeliner is so sharp?

    Well, think about the way we reflect,

    like samurai swords hidden away until battle!

    With scratches from those who've cut us,

    but we do cut back so don't you worry,

    and while some still believe girls belong in the kitchen.

    I think it's smart to remember that's where the knives are kept.

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