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Studying For An Exam As Told By Game Of Thrones

Because all men must die.

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When you realize the exam is a lot sooner than you thought.

When you read over the amount of work you have to do.

When someone even mentions the impending doom.

When you decide to go to a study group.


When the study group gets stuck on an insignificant point.

When that study group decides to go to the pub instead.


When you're a wee bit drunk and are convinced you know everything.


When you aced something and everyone knows it.

Someone asks you for information you don't actually know.

When you've just explained something five times to the same person and you're in a huge rush to move on to the next thing.

When one of your classmates asks to borrow your notes and then takes forever to give them back.

When someone offers to bring you a coffee/tea/pastry/energy drink

When it's 3 a.m. and you realize just how much you've binge-eaten.


When you realize your professor is being a dick about the exam format/scoring system/anything.

When you think you've been studying for hours and it's only been thirty minutes.

When you're just FED UP with the all-powerful ivory tower of academia.

When someone suggests getting "brainpower" food.

When that one person tells you they've got this in the bag.


When your lecture notes and textbook say different things.

When you realize far too late that you've forgotten to study an entire section.

When you've given up.

When you are on your way to the exam, trying to mentally prep yourself for the horror to come.

When really, you're thinking:

When you finally walk into the exam hall with the rest of the doomed.


But when you walk out and realize you're free:

HODOR, bitches.

HODOR, bitches.

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