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33 Feelings You Have At The Airport

We've all been there.

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1. When you must wake up at an ungodly hour to make the trip to the airport.


The clock LIES.

2. When you check that you've actually got everything. And recheck. And recheck.


Yes, your passport is in your purse there is no need to check it for the umpteenth time.

3. When you realize you may have overpacked.


4. When you have to haul all your stuff through at least 40 minutes of train/car/taxi/tube travel.

5. When you arrive at the terminal and realize everyone else in the world decided to fly that day, too.

6. When the check-in queue is longer than the Great Wall of China.


7. When you unwillingly overhear the rather personal and lengthy phone conversation the person in front of you is having.


8. When you spot the squalling baby/child with the loud toy that you know will be responsible for your upcoming migraine.

9. When you finally check your luggage.

10. When you go through customs.

11. When the customs agents ask you to confirm that your departure date from their country is correct.

12. When you see the queue to go through security.


(and everyone think of that elongated curse from Outlander now.)

13. When that one person comes up and insists they can go in front of you because their S.O./family member/friend is way ahead of you.


"Oh yes of course, ma'am, no problem."

14. When you’re rushing to strip yourself of clothes, shoes, laptops, phones, cameras, and tiny little liquids all while TSA agents and the rest of the world looks on.

15. When you smell the coffee/tea/pastry that is your airport Holy Grail.

16. When your people-watching is on point.

17. When you can’t find your flight on the “Departures” screen.


18. When you find both your flight and your gate right where they're supposed to be.

19. When they tell you your terminal is just down the breezeway.

20. When you see that one woman hobbling around in impossibly high heels and uncomfortable clothes.

21. Or that one guy who is just so loud. FOR NO REASON.

22. When you indulge in some magnificently trashy magazines.

23. Or a brain-candy YA book despite your age bracket.

24. When you stock up on food in rebellion of what they call "meals" on airplanes.

25. When cute flight attendants walk by and you secretly hope they’re on your flight.

26. When you glare at the person who is using a seat in the waiting area for their stuff.


Seats are meant for PEOPLE. Not your Gucci-who-the-fuck-cares!

27. When you settle in to wait another hour before boarding.

28. When you check your watch every two minutes.

29. When everyone jumps in the boarding queue even though no-one's been called yet.

30. When it's your turn to finally get on the damn plane.

31. When the flight attendant reviews the safety instructions.


Thank you, for the reminder we're about to go tens of thousands of feet into the air in a tiny metal capsule. Voluntarily.

32. When you're sitting on the plane and remember just how long the flight is.


33. When you realize you're on your way!

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