16 Devilishly Fun Ways To Serve An Egg

For all you egg lovers out there, here are 16 recipes and accessories to spruce up your egg love life.

1. For the punk kids.

Trick your rebel kid into eating breakfast. Find it here.

2. For those who like to play with their food.

Find it here.

3. For the action heros.

Find it here.

5. For the perfectionist.

Perfect for opening up a soft-boiled eggs. Find it here.

6. For those who love going meta.

Find the recipe here.

7. For the flower child.

Find the recipe here.

8. For the romantic.

Find the recipe to this hearty breakfast here.

9. For the Hello Kitty lovers.

Yes, that’s an egg molded to look like Hello Kitty. Find it on Amazon.

10. For those who hate their food getting cold.

Find it on etsy.

11. For those who don’t like getting their hands dirty.

Salad prep time just got sliced. Find it here.

12. For MacGyver.

To be so strong, he had to eat a lot of eggs. Find more info here.

13. For those who love themes.

This is a simple egg separator that looks like a chick. How funny and useful. Find it on Amazon.

14. For those with low cholesterol.

Find the recipe at PopSugar.

15. For the optimist.

Sunny side up? Yes, sir. Find it on Amazon.

16. For Sam.

I do like green eggs and ham! Find recipe here.

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