10 Things You’ll Need To Throw A Groundhog’s Day Party

Here’s to hoping winter ends, and partying joyfully if it doesn’t. Also, if you hate football yet still want to throw a party February 2nd, this is a fun alternative.

1. Be formal. Send your guests thematic e-vites.

Free at Punchbowl.

2. Don’t forget the guest of honor.

So cute. Let’s hope he stays out late. Find it on Etsy.

3. Establish yourself as host with the classic top hat.

I mentioned this was a formal gathering. Top hats are the essence of class. Especially plastic ones. You could make it or buy it here.

4. Greet your guests with these hot chocolate Groundhogs.

One good thing about winter is hot chocolate. Check out how to make these here.

5. Get guests in the party mood with some Groundhog Day beads.

Mardi Gras is just around the corner. These beads will link one holiday into another. Find them at The Mardi Gras Spot.

6. Serve food with ingredients that grow underground.

Yum. Butternut Squash Soup

7. Don’t forget snacks for the Groundhog.

Humans may also partake.

8. To heat up the winter, try some hot toddies. You’ll need some warmth if that furry friend sees his shadow.

Etrog Grog

9. End the night with some sweet treats.

If the Groundhog isn’t coming out, push him out with these push pops.

10. And make sure to send guests home with a party favor to remember.

Not so yum. But I’ll eat it anyway. Buy it here.

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